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Order Books Online with Paradise Found!

If you're looking for something to inspire, enrich, support, and/or delight you, we'd love to see you over at our online Bookshop!

Choose from millions of titles, and as long as you see our logo in the top left corner, you be supporting Paradise Found.
We are here for you 24/7
Shop with us online, and access millions of titles to browse that we wouldn’t be able to fit into our small yet mighty physical location.
Explore our many curated lists, or go browsing on your own for all genres!

Making this online bookshop was so much fun!
It was like creating like our dream shop, and we didn’t have to worry about shelf space, we could just pick and choose anything and everything our dream bookstore would be!

And now we get to share that with you.

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Introducing... Readings on the Patio!

We have created a private area outside the side door where you can safely distance and meet with the reader of your choice. The option for in-person readings has been a top request from our customers, and we are happy to say it is now a reality!

Call (805) 564-3573 to book an in-shop reading

Of course, we will also continue offering remote readings which can be booked  It is easy to schedule a phone or zoom reading! Click on the reader of your choice to see their availability for remote readings, and for a description of their services or choose book now to secure your appointment.

Now you have choices!