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Aly Dunne

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Aly is an Intuitive Channeler, Astrologer, and Transformational Coach. She was born in Dublin, Ireland. At the age of 33, Aly experienced a profound inner transformation - a spiritual awakening - which changed her life and her spiritual understanding. A 44-year practitioner of Meditation and Sanskrit Mantra, Aly Dunne is a Transformational Coach who uses tools such as Astrology, Intuitive Channeling, and Dolores Cannon's Quantum Hypnosis (QHHT) to help you overcome your obstacles to freedom, aligning with your higher consciousness.

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“Even one session with Aly can change your life. She is a beautiful source of divine inspiration. Most remarkable is her humility given the power of her intuition and her patience with our questions. My advice is to follow hers. The mantras and meditations she taught me are transforming my being on a cellular level. Since working with Aly, I feel at once calmer and more alive than I have in my entire life. She is a beautiful and powerful being and I am blessed to have her as a teacher and a guide.”

"I had an amazing experience with Aly through our QHHT session! From the beginning of the session, I felt a strong connection of trust with Aly which helped me relax and open up mentally. Through the hypnosis, there was an energy of relaxation and comfort, leading to a great session of past life regression and receiving very useful information from my higher self. After my journey, a strong sense of protection and guidance acquired from my higher self came through and left my third eye buzzing for multiple days. This experience helped me understand some deep questions that have come up in my life thus far, I look forward to what the future holds and working with Aly on this journey!"

“My QHHT session with Aly was a life-changing experience. From the moment I entered her beautiful healing room, I could feel the intensity of her spirit and her commitment to my healing. The room is saturated with Presence, which is intense and calming at the same time. During the deepest part of the session, Aly was totally respectful and gentle. Her presence was a comfort as some lifelong wounds came up which have caused me much suffering. I received powerful healing and she helped me get tremendous insights which I’ll be integrating for a long time. Afterward, we reviewed the session together and she sent me the recording, which is an invaluable part of the process. Each time I listen to it, I hear something new. I can’t recommend Aly highly enough for her mastery of the QHHT process, her deep love and compassion, and the respect she shows to herself, the work, and the client. If you’re ready to go deep and get life-changing insights that will immediately bring healing and revelation, you can’t do better than to work with her.”

"Aly, thank you for your Transformational Coaching session 🙏 I believe you have sent me on a great path to healing, and you hit the nail on the head in regard to my past. I believe there are some people in this world with extraordinary gifts, and you are without a doubt one of them, I was honestly in awe. I still am, actually. I am going to work on questions and reach out again for another session. Thank you for helping me!"

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