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Aly Dunne is an Intuitive and Spiritual teacher who was born in Dublin, Ireland. At the age of 33, Aly experienced a profound inner transformation – a spiritual awakening – which transformed her life and her spiritual understanding. Her continuing inward journey over the last 23 years has been a deep process of practice and introspection which continues today. A 43-year practitioner of Meditation and Sanskrit Mantra, Aly is now answering the inner call to be of service to help and guide her clients as a practicing Intuitive during these extraordinary times.

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"Aly Dunne is the most amazing and accurate spiritual and astrological advisor I have ever worked with! I have been working with Aly for about a year now and I can not believe how much she has seen that has come true. Thanks to Aly, I have been able to be psychologically ready for issues and events that were predicted by her. Her advice and guidance through the pandemic has been priceless."

"I must have done something right to have the honor of meeting Aly. She is remarkable. Her energy and beauty are so powerful. The experience I have had with her was one that I will always remember. I had my first natal chart reading and with her and I was in awe of how well she described who I was, what my life was like, and where I was going in the world. She knew things about me that wouldn’t be possible for her to know unless she had a gift which she does. She is wildly intuitive and incredibly present in her communication with the messages she delivers. I found my soul become expansive after connecting with her that I then decided to continue to work with her."

"Aly has been an absolute gift in my life and the best counsellor/advisor I’ve ever had. She is incredible in her ability to “know” what is happening with me and others – the big concerns, the motivations and what is important. Aly provides clarity, telling me the truth and making sure I’m focused on the right things. I am not religious, but rather heavily scientific and a born sceptic, and yet I constantly am astounded at how Aly is tapped into insights that are beyond what I can understand or fathom. It’s like the universe can speak to her and endow her with the knowledge that no one else has. Her insight is so spot on, I can take what she says with great confidence and move forward. I had been to counsellors before, but Aly provides a much more valuable level of guidance. I’ll always prefer one right answer over 10 guesses. When life is complicated, getting direct, clear, wise answers is the key. Aly has changed my life, made me happier and healthier, and set my spirit free."

"I had an intuitive reading with Aly today and I have to say it was outstanding, Aly was on point with everything. Aly has given me a lot to digest but set me on a path I knew I should be taking and to be honest I can’t wait to start this new adventure to release the real me, which I have kept buried for a very long time. she was extremely thoughtful and sensitive in everything but sugarcoated nothing. I can not recommend this beautiful spirit highly enough, I will definitely be having more readings with her in the future. Thank you Aly."

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