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Anna Chapman

Allow your self to experience clarity that is beyond doubt, judgment and fear the products of thoughts that are habits. When we know what exists ‘when the smoke clears’ suddenly all aspects of life open up for us. We are free. Every step that we take toward liberation is a gift. The nature of suffering becomes apparent. There is suffering when we do not accept this moment; wanting it to be more, better or different. Anna is a reflection revealing clarity and peace, in readings that inspire. Tools utilized that contribute to our ‘steps’ can include tarot, astrology and communicating with those who have crossed over. All mirrors so that we might know Truth and grace that fills us perpetually.

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“Anna helped me when I needed it most. My best friend crossed over, and I was stricken with grief. Her insight and kindness helped me then and innumerable times since! There is nothing Anna Chapman can not help you with. She’s a medium, intuitive and astrological expert. I give her my highest recommendation!”

Maureen H.

“In working with her one immediately gets the sense that she is someone who understands human experience with great clarity; her words just click with something deep inside me, resonating powerfully in an “ah-ha” moment. I am incredibly grateful to have her help along the way, there are few people I trust more.”

Zoe T.

“Thank you to Anna Chapman for the comfort, support and healing that she has given me during the last 15 years, with her counsel and readings. Their have been many difficult times, with many losses of loved ones, friends, health and homes. Now at 85 I appreciate her gentle guidance and friendship as I approach the sunset of my years. Anna has been one of the blessings and guiding lights in my life that I could trust, and brought me peace and comfort when I needed it most. She has always been available with her understanding and gentle patience. Thank you for soothing my many aches and heart pains.”

Dolores D.

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