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Rose DeLos Angeles

Rose DeLos Angeles is highly gifted, born a natural with sight and hearing. She has broadened her gifts as an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher. She works with Angels, Angelic Kingdoms, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides as well as the energy of roses to bring healing and enlightenment to her clients with warmth and a compassionate heart. Rose is an Intuitive, Intuitive Healer, Empath, Medium, Clear Channel, Oracle, Prophetess, Shamaness, High Priestess and Medicine Woman. She connects with the higher realms and other dimensions to bring forth the loving and empowering spiritual messages and guidance you seek on your life’s journey. She uses rose healing, Reiki, Angelic Healing, flower essences, crystals, mediumship, channeling, angel and divination card readings for:

~Specialized healing of your physical body,
~Relaxation allowing your mind to clear undesirable patterns and habits,
~Answers to your questions about romance, money, work and family matters and much more
~Connections with loved ones who have passed and are in other dimensions.

She also maintains a 20 year private healing practice and offers teaching and meditation events throughout California and online sharing valuable wisdom and techniques to assist others with using and developing their own gifts.

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“The reading I had with Rose is beyond words, she touched a special part of my heart and spirit that needed some clarification and tender loving healing from a near death experience as a teenager. Rose’s reading brought forth new light within and a feeling of being held in love…I feel lighter, more at peace and balanced. Rose is a gift and a treasure…you will totally understand and feel the same treasure after a reading with Rose…a beautiful and loving experience that I will always treasure and hold dear to my heart.”


“I instantly was drawn to Rose and knew I had to have a reading done. What occurred was beyond words. I finally got to see my guides and angels through Rose’s eyes. I was provided information that really helped me process and understand who and why I am the person I am. As well as guide me on my current path and destiny. Her energy is so loving and pure, a combination of angelic and mother. It was a true blessing that I got to experience Rose and her gifts.”


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