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Aura Cleanser | Botanical Alchemy

Energetically potent, elementally balanced and handmade in small batches using Essential oils, Flower Essences, and Gem Elixirs.

Refined over many years, the Aura Cleanser formula is a complex blend of 6 Essential Flower Essences, and 12 Gem Essences. Lovingly hand made in small batches in a 7-step process, from the highest quality ingredients, it is energetically charged to clear negative energies from your aura and physical spaces.    

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The more you use the Aura Cleanser the more it opens your ability to see and feel the dense, stuck, dull, heavy or hot patches that develop in areas or sometimes, in bands around the body. Many people with intuitive abilities have found that the Aura Cleanser enhances their sensitivity. Your intuition may blossom swiftly with use.     

There are two ways to use the Aura Cleanser: applying by hand or spraying it. Applying by hand is the strongest way to use it. Spraying is more convenient and also very good for personal use. It is perfect for cleansing your personal, living and working areas.  

Applying By Hand:

Place a full squirt (or 4-5 sprays) of Aura Cleanser in the palm of your hand & spread it lightly on your other hand to get it on both palms & fingers. Starting above the head, brush the aura with your hands like brushing a horse. I usually work the crown chakra first, then the area around the head and third eye that holds so many thoughts, and then down the body front and back, paying special attention to the front, rear, and base chakras. Other empty, dense, warm or cold areas may call out for more attention and extra Aura Cleanser. Follow your intuition Add more Aura Cleanser when your hands are dry, or for intensive work in stuck areas. Remind the receiver to breath in & fully out to facilitate the releasing process.


Lightly spray your aura, home, or working area. When spraying your own aura, spray 6 or so puffs in a circle above your head and allow the mist to come down like a very fine mist from above. Repeat about 15-30 seconds later. If you make the circle stretch out to about 2 feet out from the body it will drift through and cleanse several auric layers. Make sure you include the auric area behind your back to get the fullest effect.

When cleansing your home or office or healing room paying extra attention to areas that have experienced strong emotions or conflict in them. Repeat frequently if it is appropriate. Spraying is a good way to cleanse crystal clusters, stones or power objects.

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Aura Cleanser | Botanical Alchemy

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$ 22.00 USD
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