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Connection Gift Set

Cultivate deep, personal connections for your mind, body and soul
Experience oneness with the people in your life
Invite shared laughter, joy, and compassion into every day.

Connection Journal | This 90-day journal supports you daily, intentional efforts to establish and maintain meaningful connections with family, friends, and yourself.

Each day is divided into two sections, "Record" and "Reflect." The first section is a place for you to record your goals and actions. The second section provides an opportunity for you to reflect on how your efforts throughout the day contributed to your overall feelings of connectedness.

Connection Candle | Made from soy and coco wax, in a pink ceramic cup decorated with minimalist golden line art inspired by the essence of love and connection. It is infused with essential oils of Sandalwood and Vanilla for calm and loving thoughts. 11 ounces, burn time 45 hours.

Connection Mini Book | A tiny book of inspirational quotes from world thinkers, all centered around the idea of connection. If you are seeking to foster more connection in your life, this is a way to remind yourself every day of the beauty and strength of human relationships, and how your small steps can lead to great happiness.

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Connection Gift Set

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