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Copper Milagros

Milagros are small metal religious charms. The word milagro means “miracle”. Each charm symbolizes a prayer, hope or wish.

In the not too distant past, these small charms, often depicting arms, legs, praying people, farm animals and a wide range of other symbolic subjects were typically pinned on the clothing of saint statues, or hung with little red ribbons or threads from altars and shrines. They are also carried for protection and good luck.

Our copper Milagros are handcrafted by artisans in Peru, and feature the symbol of the Sacred Heart.

Small | 2 inches by 2.8 inches
Medium | 2.25 inches by 3.5 inches
Large | 3 inches by 4.7 inches

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Copper Milagros

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$ 24.00 USD
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