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Energy Harmonizing Crystal Mala | Fluorite, Larvikite + Agate

108-bead crystal mala, handmade in the USA. Powerfully infused with the intention of Prajna Paramita - the Perfection of Wisdom, a result of contemplation, meditation, and understanding the nature of reality.

Fluorite to protect and harmonize spiritual energy
Larvikite for protection, grounding and strength
Mongolian Agate for grounding
Terahertz crystal for healing and energy

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How to use: Start with holding the "Guru bead," the large tasseled bead at the end of the mala. With every breath, or repetition of a mantra, move on to the next bead until you end up at the Guru bead again, then switch directions and go back

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Energy Harmonizing Crystal Mala | Fluorite, Larvikite + Agate

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$ 89.99 USD
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