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Destiny Blue Butterfly Meditation Cushion

This beautiful meditation cushion, or zafu, is decorated with a mandala of butterflies, which represent transformation, joy and freedom. Use a zafu for easy, comfortable good posture and correct spin alignment during your sitting meditation practice (zazen).

Made from Linen and Cotton canvas, filled with buckwheat for comfort and stability. Cushion is 13 inches across, 5 inches tall, and weighs approximately 5 pounds.

Handmade | Shop Local | Woman Owned | Small Batch | Made in USA | Not on Amazon

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In many cultures, the life of a butterfly symbolizes the journey of the soul. They also represent transformation, joy and freedom. Blue Morpho butterflies are diurnal creatures who love the sun and their brilliant color comes from the refraction of light on the tiny diamond shaped scales on their wings.

A six-pointed star, also known as the hexagram, Star of David, Kings Star, or Satkona Yantra, symbolizes here the perfect meditative state of balance between man and God, which is maintained results in Moksha- Liberation from the cycles of birth and death. It also is part of an overall mandala design--Mandalas have a long and esteemed history as deep meditation tools and are unifying geometric constructs that help guide the awareness to our true nature.

Made and designed in Los Angeles by a woman-owned company that creates high vibrational yoga tools to uplift and support your practice.

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Destiny Blue Butterfly Meditation Cushion

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$ 88.00 USD
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