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Iolite and Black Spinel Necklace

Iolite is a translucent violet-blue crystal with great potential--call in its energies in a times of self-expression through writing, song, movement and other artistic endeavors. Iolite resonates with the third eye chakra, which is why it's often used to access higher guidance and strengthen your intuition.

Spinel aids in achieving and accepting success with humility. It is believed to stimulate physical vitality and strength. Moreover, it opens and aligns the base chakra while facilitating the movement of kundalini energy up the spine.

Metal | Brass plated Gunmetal
Chain Length | Adjustable
Handmade with Art and Soul in Los Angeles

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More about Iolite: This crystal fosters true understanding, and can release the causes of addiction, allowing for the expression of one's true self, freed from the expectations of others. This stone can help align and balance your internal and external relationships, with the Masculine and Feminine aspects of all things.

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Iolite and Black Spinel Necklace

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$ 59.00 USD
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