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Nirvana Quartz

Nirvana quartz is like a portal of balance between the past and the present. An eternal sound of the presence, the now moment of peace and balance. Holding it clarifies the mind attuning it with the beat of the higher heart, a space that enables us to accept ourselves as we are and to stop forcing ourselves to become what we never intended to be. From that space trust in the beneficial nature of the Universe is possible. This crystal can do anything you ask of it.

Cleansed, charged, and blessed with good vibes~ (Comes with Crystal Info Card)

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Connect to Nirvana Quartz~

~When you feel most stuck and helpless for answers.
~To can clarity of thought and heart, in times of crises.
~To send and radiate pure love out to the world, and loved ones.
~If you seek to truly follow your heart and spiritual path.

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Nirvana Quartz

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$ 44.00 USD
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