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Rhodonite Palm Stones

A pink nurturing stone of love that balances emotions and dispels anxiety. Brings grace, acceptance, and peace. Helps one to achieve their greatest potential, and encourages generosity. Stimulates alignment of the chakras, and aids in the removal of heart chakra blockages. Rhodonite promotes forgiveness and intensifies feelings of unconditional love toward others

Cleansed, charged, and blessed with good vibes~ (Comes with Crystal Info Card)

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Product Details

Connect with Pink Rhodonite to~

~Keep your emotions from overwhelming you.
~Assist you in letting go of a person or idea that seems difficult and scary to face.
~Strengthen your connections between each of your chakras.
~Promote healthy friendships and strengthen bonds between groups.

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Rhodonite Palm Stones

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$ 44.00 USD
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