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Ritual Candles

Ritual Candles are 6" tall by 1/2", 1.28 ounces, with a bell shaped top and a cotton wick. These traditional ritual candles are used in prayer, yoga circles, Afro-Cuban ritual, Hoodoo or candlelight processions. Perfect for working with the ancestors, in ceremonies, or vigils. Can also be used to add atmospheric lighting to your home or altar.

For use on your altar, ritual candles are meant to be burned completely in one session. Typical burn time is 30-45 minutes, making it the perfect ritual candle, which can be "Dressed" with herbs and/or oils. Bundle of four candles.

Red | Love, Passion and Courage

Black | Absorbs Negative Energy

Orange | Strength, Success and Attractions

Yellow | Clairvoyance and Communication

Green | Healing, Prosperity and Growth

Pink | Earth, Animals, Grounding, Happiness, Self-Love and Esteem

Light Blue | Clear Communication and Balance

Blue | Wisdom, Inspiration, Hope, Healing, Creativity, Truth

Purple | Spirituality, Wisdom and Intuition

White | Clarity and Protection

Lavender | Intuition and Dreams

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Ritual Candles

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