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Ritual Candles

For use on your altar, ritual candles are meant to be burned completely in one session. Typical burn time is 30-45 minutes, making it the perfect ritual candle, which can be "Dressed" with herbs and/or oils. Bundle of four candles.

Red | Love, Passion and Courage

Black | Absorbs Negative Energy

Orange | Strength, Success and Attractions

Yellow | Clairvoyance and Communication

Green | Healing, Prosperity and Growth

Pink | Earth, Animals, Grounding, Happiness, Self-Love and Esteem

Light Blue | Clear Communication and Balance

Blue | Wisdom, Inspiration, Hope, Healing, Creativity, Truth

Purple | Spirituality, Wisdom and Intuition

White | Clarity and Protection

Lavender | Intuition and Dreams

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Ritual Candles

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