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Sagittarius Mojo Bag

Activate the most positive energies of your astrological sign with a specially crafted mojo bag, charged with the power of intention, for positive change and transformation!

The contents of these specially handcrafted Astrological Mojo Bags will vary, but all the ingredients are chosen based on your astrological sign itself, the planet that rules that sign, and the element that rules the sign.

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Product Details

Each bag includes a sachet (a mixture of herbs, flowers, powders) and charged crystals, to bring you the most positive and empowering energies and blessings of your astrological sign.

Mojo bags should be opened only by the one who carries them--You can wear your Mojo bag, or keep it under a pillow, or on an altar. You can add your own touch with personal items, prayers and intentions, to magnetize it to a specific energy and make it more personal and specific to you.

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Sagittarius Mojo Bag

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$ 18.00 USD
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