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Singing Bowls

Create a moment of peace by ringing these miniature singing bowls...Their light, resonant chime is a perfect way to begin or end meditation.

Handmade by artisans in Nepal, each bowl comes with its own wooden mallet, in a keepsake box covered in sustainable harvested Himalayan Lokta paper.

Large bowl is 3 inches across, comes in a red box with golden leaf decoration. Small bowl is 2 inches across, and comes in a pink box with lotus mandala decoration.

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How to Use Your Meditation Bowl

Find a quiet place. Set the bowl on its cushion. Take a calming breath and gently strike the edge of the bowl with the wooden baton. Relax, focus on the resonating sound, and bring your awareness to the present. Continue to concentrate as the sound gently subsides. Rest in the tranquil moment that follows. Repeat as needed!

Caring for your Meditation Bowl

This hand cast bowl is carefully made by artisans in Nepal. It is hand tuned for clarity of sound but not intended for use as a traditional singing bowl--instead, strike once for a beautiful, bell-like tone. To clean, wipe with a dry soft cloth.

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Singing Bowls

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