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Peace White Rose Crystal Meditation Cushion

This beautiful meditation cushion, or zafu, is decorated with a crystals and white roses to represent peace and spiritual love. Use a zafu for easy, comfortable good posture and correct spin alignment during your sitting meditation practice (zazen).

Made from Linen and Cotton canvas, filled with buckwheat for comfort and stability. Cushion is 13 inches across, 5 inches tall, and weighs approximately 5 pounds.

Handmade | Shop Local | Woman Owned | Small Batch | Made in USA | Not on Amazon

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Peace is a vibratory state created inside ourselves. This design radiates the frequency of peace so that the viewer can harmonize with this vibration and access it more easily. White roses symbolize peace, innocence, purity, holiness, and spiritual Love. The white roses in this design all came from one set of rose bushes in a holy place, with the photos taken throughout all four seasons.

The color blue in the background is associated with the energy of the Sixth chakra, the vortex of energy at the third eye which is connected with our intuition and inspiration. The cushion also features imagery of crystals, the living energy accelerators that inspire and assist humans with their evolution, as well as mandalas, which are unifying geometric constructs that bring energy in through a circular portal.

This star was created from a photo of the sun reflecting off the Pacific Ocean. The nine-pointed star (a nonagram) is a symbol of completion and being a trinity of trinities it can symbolize an utmost sacredness. The number nine is also the number of the Subtle body, the center that allows you to see the sublime universal play of life.

Made and designed in Los Angeles by a woman-owned company that creates high vibrational yoga tools to uplift and support your practice.

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Peace White Rose Crystal Meditation Cushion

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$ 88.00 USD
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