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Kris Seraphine, Ph.D is a clairvoyant channeler of the sacred feminine, tarot reader, author and business & life coach who inspires creative, magical women to embody their unique feminine essence so they can bring in more prosperity, joy and sensuality into their lives. Kris is devoted to revolutionizing how people heal themselves through the archetypes of the sacred feminine so that they can shine as their authentic selves with ease, grace and speed. Give yourself the gift of inspiration, renewed hope, and rejuvenated and balanced energy with a Sacred Goddess Channeling Session or a Tarot Reading for Love & Relationships.

February 11, 2024
Tending to the Flame of The Sacred Feminine
The flame is lit …‍The Virgo Full Moon on February 24th is your divine invitation to fan the fire at the center of your soul.
Kris Seraphine
December 18, 2023
Coming Out of the Cave & Reflecting on the Past Year
Take heart from the legend of one of the most powerful solar goddesses, Amaterasu. Her myth is potent with meaning about how we can hide our light from the world in times of distress or trauma, and how to emerge back into the light.
Kris Seraphine
October 30, 2023
Lakshmi: The Way of Surrendered Abundance
Lakshmi’s name comes from the Sanskrit word Laksya, meaning aim or goal. She is the perfect goddess to help you formulate and manifest your deepest desires in all areas of your life.
Kris Seraphine
September 15, 2023
Keep Shining, Beautiful! The Best is Yet to Come
Remember who you are becoming is who you came here to be.‍ Go out and shine for all of us. Your light is so needed on the planet right now.
Kris Seraphine
August 24, 2023
Venture into the Timeless
We are in a time of deep transformation and our consciousness is rising and rising into time-less-ness.‍ There is a felt sense of a connection to both the past and the future, seamlessly woven together...
Kris Seraphine
July 23, 2023
Kris Seraphine on Venus in Retrograde, the Galactic New Year, Yod & more...
Internal Explorer of Infinite Wholeness. This is who you are.‍ As we journey through the transcendent gateway of the Galactic New Year (July 26th) into the Lion’s Gate portal, a new reality awakens...
Kris Seraphine
May 23, 2023
The True Meaning of The Honey Moon
Every full moon in June is connected to the sweetness of ripening love, romance and pleasure...
Kris Seraphine
April 18, 2023
Phoenix Rising: Powerful Transformation with Scorpio's Animal Totems
The Phoenix – this is the highest archetypal form of the sign Scorpio, and don’t think that just because you’re not a Scorpio sun that you don’t have Scorpio somewhere inside you. We all have a piece of Scorpio, as we have all signs, within us...
Kris Seraphine
March 23, 2023
The Tender Pink Moon: A Time For Focusing on Intimacy & Relationships
Balanced and beautiful Libra, the sign ruled by Venus and associated with the Goddess Aphrodite, is hostessing this upcoming full moon. This is the seasonal moment to open heart and mind to love, romance, cooperation and companionship. The days grow longer and we experience peak emotional joy, bliss and ecstasy.
Kris Seraphine
January 20, 2023
How To Connect With The Goddess of Love
Venus. Aphrodite. Freya. Isis. Ishtar. Lalita. The face of the Sacred Feminine of Love is known by many names. I am in LOVE with my daily goddess practice and I’m pleased to invite you into what I like to think of as an underground rave for the divine feminine! ~Kris Seraphine
Kris Seraphine
November 25, 2022
Ecstasy Turned Inside Out
This is an article about what it means to feel the fullness of life, at the places where Love and Grief intertwine -- How to sit with your emotions as holiday memories bring joy that is mingled with a sweetness of sorrow, and dreams of loved ones in spirit form.
Kris Seraphine
October 29, 2022
The Forbidden Fruit: Make Love Magic With Apples
Are you ready to open your heart to love and attract your life partner? Or, perhaps you are already in a relationship with that special someone and want to grow closer. Apple magic is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to promote the growth of love within and around you!
Kris Seraphine
September 30, 2022
Begin Anew Ritual For Playfulness & New Perspectives
If you can use a bit of lightness, play and laughter right now, this is the perfect ritual to do! Remember the child within you needs space to play and recapture the wonder of the natural world. Tuning into your inner irreverent child self will bring that light-hearted playfulness and fresh energy into your life.
Kris Seraphine
September 2, 2022
Entering the Enchanted Forest
Welcome to the season of Virgo. This month will feel like a walk in a magical, enchanted forest for so many aspects of our spiritual heart will be activated, along with the grounded earthiness of our spiritual roots...
Kris Seraphine
July 26, 2022
Merkaba Crystal Grid: Sacred Technology for The Full Super Moon in Aquarius
The merkaba is a vehicle of light and a profound tool of ascension, often thought of as one of your light bodies, through which you can move from different states of consciousness and frequency. It’s an ancient symbol whose name is derived from the Hebrew word mercava, meaning “chariot"...
Kris Seraphine
June 25, 2022
Say "Yes" to Your Big Dreams On The Full Moon
Let the butterflies flutter in your stomach unencumbered. Let your body shake with nervous-citement. Feel all the feelings of jumping into the unknown void of, “Who knows what will happen?” YES is an enchanted password into a new world and new point of view.
Kris Seraphine
June 4, 2022
7 Ways to Reconnect With Your Sovereignty…and Sacred Pleasure
Connect with the archetypal power of the Goddess in her many forms as Aphrodite, Isis, Yemaya, Pele, Lalita, Lakshmi and Litith...Getting closer to the source of your divine feminine power brings peace and clarity, awakening natural gifts and bringing the confidence to accept the pleasure, love and abundance you deserve.
Kris Seraphine
May 5, 2022
Finding Your Sovereign Self With Goddess Lilith
You can draw on the dark goddess Lilith to help you love all parts of yourself to wholeness. Often pictured with the wings and talons of an owl, Lilith is a protector of women, a pre-patriarchal goddess who is the sovereign and powerful ruler of her own body, mind and soul. Above all she is a Liberator, revealing to each person their own divine nature.
Kris Seraphine
April 6, 2022
Stepping Through the Eclipse Portal With the Magical Mermaids
Mermaids encourage us to let of the shallow end and float into deeper waters of self-discovery and new adventures! Working with the mystical mermaids will help you step through something that has been holding you back, so you can swim into uncharted waters. Accepting your whole self, the light and the dark, is essential to raising your vibration and getting out of your comfort zone.
Kris Seraphine
January 30, 2022
Moon Goddess Jana: Facing Forward With Wisdom
Goddess Jana is often shown in art with a wolf at her side. Wolf energy is connected to freedom, independence, intelligence, instincts and intuition. Trust is essential to follow your path forward into the new year. It is challenging to have a blank page staring you in the the face whilst you’re finding your bearings without a clear roadmap.
Kris Seraphine
December 4, 2021
A Heaven In Human Form
"May Light always surround you; Hope kindle and rebound you." ~D. Simone
Kris Seraphine