2023 - A Feng Shui Update for the Year of the Rabbit by Deanna Cohen

"The Rabbit Year promises to be a welcomed relief after the tempestuous Tiger Year of 2022. We can expect the year of the Rabbit to be more peaceful than previous years. The Year of the Rabbit is the year to be your creative self." ~Deanna Cohen, Feng Shui consultant

The Rabbit Year promises to be a welcomed relief after the tempestuous Tiger Year of 2022. We can expect the year of the Rabbit to be more peaceful than previous years. After all rabbits are really very warm and cuddly and a bit simple minded as well. Simple isn’t so bad in the ridiculously fast paced, complicated world we find ourselves in. Rabbits also wear their vulnerability like a suit of armor as if their softness would do them any good. But trust that it does and will this coming year.

Enjoy the quiet and serenity that comes with the Rabbit Year in all its forms, from cozy slippers to a warm embrace. This year promises to be a romantic year, and one of forgiveness and love. But rabbits do not suffer fools lightly even though they are fluffy and peaceful. So be on guard as well. Isn’t that just the way it is in our world of duality?

Meditation, as usual, always helps to exercise being present, and taking the time to experience the bliss of the moment even when it’s not obvious. Doing so should be easier this year however, compared to last. Enjoy the rain. It is a water year after all, so expect water to be prominent. We’ve already seen signs of this around the globe, but I can’t help but have my heart go out to Montecito, California, having directly experienced the impact of the mudslide myself in 2018.

The Year of the Rabbit is the year to be your creative self. This is the most significant energy for the year. So if you’ve had trouble accessing your creative side, or feel in a slump or unmotivated, this is a year that will support you in getting unstuck. I know it’s already true for me as I’ve started in on another book. I’m writing the sequel to “Roses and Pink Erasers: A Faery Tale” and continuing to paint.

So BE CREATIVE! This year is a great year to make real progress! And of course, I can’t stress enough the importance of clearing, de-cluttering and organizing your environment. Many people began this process when Covid hit and they were at home in their cluttered unprocessed messes which were no longer tolerable. But again, another clearing is due and helpful as you begin to let go of all that is really not serving you anymore and is getting in the way. Expect another layer to come off. What stays will be replenished and restored, that is if you put in the effort! If you don’t, then you will have bad Feng Shui and the progress you could have made this year will be lost.

Secondly, be on guard health wise. This is very important as Covid and possibly other new viruses are in the air. The remedy for this is metal and needs to be placed strategically so as to lessen its influence in the environment.

Thirdly, remember we are all in this together and to have compassion for others as well as yourself. The Rabbit Year makes it easier to get past narcissistic behavior even though arguments and lawsuits will still dominate in 2023. Reconciliation is possible and is especially made possible by the strategic use of metal in the part of your environment vulnerable to these influences.

The energy of the Rabbit Year will make it so that it is easier for all of us all to behave more lovingly with one another and with ourselves, with more insight and understanding, and less judgement and narrow-mindedness. This will be a welcomed change from last year when the tendency was to be anything but that. So take advantage where you can to be the peace-maker as the Rabbit wants peace and serenity and will help you in achieving it.

The Chinese New Year begins on January 22nd and the date is determined using the Lunar Cycle.  
The Feng Shui goes by the Solar Cycle and so the date is February 4th for implementing the remedies.
Wishing everyone good Feng Shui in 2023!

~Deanna Cohen

Meet the Author

Deanna Cohen | Feng Shui Consultant

Deanna practices traditional Feng Shui as taught by Master Larry Sang of the American School of Feng Shui in Los Angeles.  She has been the Feng Shui consultant for numerous homes and businesses in Montecito, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. The Feng Shui systems she implements are The East/West Direction School, The Land and Form School and The Flying Star School.

Implementing these systems makes the environment strong energetically for good health, prosperity and harmonious relationships. Deanna's aim is to assist and educate others in creating balance and harmony using the principles of this astounding ancient tradition. You can contact her to inquire about a consultation through her website, https://www.fengshuiintegration.com/

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