Balanced Between Life & the Divine | Crystals for the Full Moon in Gemini

"Gemini is represented by the twins, where one twin is mortal and the other immortal.
The twins represent both sides of our being.
We are both human and soul.
There is part of us that will die and part of us that will live forever.
This unity of our human selves and spiritual selves is what the Gemini Full Moon calls us to balance."
Tumbled Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla ~ For working with the duality of Gemini, when the Full Moon makes you feel like you are balancing on the thin line between light and dark...Chrysocolla transforms negative energy into positive energy so you can make use of both sides. Helps create a flow of positive energy when navigating life changes and spiritual transformation. This crystal is known for its ability to calm the mind, reduce mental tension, and offer a sense of renewed strength.

Blue Lace Agate Bracelets

Blue Lace Agate ~ Works with the Throat Chakra, to help us communicate and be heard in all aspects of our lives. Blue Lace Agate melts away worry or fear, helps soothe anxiety around public speaking. Helps cultivate a harmonious tone so that people are more open and receptive to one's words or advice.

Tumbled Hematite

Hematite ~ This glistening silver-black stone is excellent for centering our Selves, and finding that ideal balance between the many people, activities, and feelings which lay claim to our attention. No more flooding thoughts and spinning-out anxiety! Meditate with Hematite to pause the flow of nervous energy, reconnect with the energy of the Earth to ground mind body, and spirit. Shift from overwhelm into a state of calm and balance.

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