Crystals to Support You: Allies from the Mineral Kingdom by Darren Campbell

What a fascinating time to be alive. One full of an entirely new set of daily challenges, and for some, very real added stressors due to thoughts of health and well-being, anxiety, loneliness through seclusion... And yet, also a time filled with possibility.Though we have been forced to alter our daily routines, we have been provided with new opportunities: how we approach our general day to day, the space to rest and care for ourselves, more time to learn new skills, a renewed sense of connectivity, and even a newfound freedom to be more present in the moment.No matter where you 'find' yourself in this new era, stones and crystals are beneficial helpers. We realize we are not open at this time for you to stop in and choose a new magical being to join your journey, but we are hopeful you already have some of the rocks on this list. Pick one, pick several, and create a homemade 'survival' crystal kit for helping you on this new path.Despite all, we have optimism for where we will find ourselves as we exit the other side.

Amazonite--Soothing the SpiritAmethyst--Universal LoveAquamarine--OptimismAragonite--PositivityBlack Tourmaline--ProtectionBlue Lace Agate--CalmCarnelian--Power/CourageChrysocolla--HarmonyCitrine--JoyClear Quartz--EnergyEmerald--HopeFluorite--Focus/Bringing Order to ChaosGarnet--GratitudeGreen Aventurine--LuckHematite--StrengthHowlite--PeaceJade--Facilitating DreamsJasper--SupportJet--GriefKyanite--MeditationLapis Lazuli--Honesty/TruthMalachite--TransformationMoonstone--New BeginningsObsidian--Emotional ClarityPyrite--ConfidenceRed Jasper--Positive ActionRhodonite--Self-LoveRose Quartz--Emotional HealingRuby--PassionSelenite--Connection to Spirit/the UniverseShungite--Clearing out the OldTurquoise--Physical Health
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