Go with the Flow | Crystals for the Full Moon in Cancer

Discover crystals to help you go with the flow, clarify perception, encourage creativity, ease anxiety and calm emotional stress.

For a reminder to go with the flow and stay present, draw on the energy of Aquamarine. This light blue stone may help to calm, reduce stress, and quiet the mind. This crystal clarifies perception and opens intuition, helping you sense the greater depth and vastness of life. Aquamarine is also a good stone for promoting self-expression, and courage.

Ruby stimulates and opens the heart chakra, encouraging creativity and expansiveness. Work with this stone when seeking more vitality, intimacy, and sensuality in your life. Ruby is also an excellent stone for calming the fires within and allowing one to go with the flow. Manage your winter energy wisely, and take satisfaction from planning as well as achieving.

Worn or carried, beautiful green-blue Chrysocolla may help you express your knowledge and experience through writing, painting, music, crafts or acting. It also eases anxiety around being stuck at home or inside, and supports nesting and getting comfortable with your own body's energy. Chrysocolla supports those who work tirelessly, by calming emotional stress. Worth with this stone when seeking to embody increased patience and tolerance, and diminish negative thoughts.

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