New! Galactic Calendars Blue Lunar Storm Year | July 26, 2020 ~ July 25, 2021

galactic calendar 2021

Activate the Magic of Every Day & Help Raise the Frequency on Planet Earth by Synchronizing with Galactic Time!

Revolutionize your relationship with time

Full Color Wall Calendar and Daily Galactic Guide

"The soul of the Universe speaks to me each time I interact with my calendar."


galactic calendar 2021

Our time on Earth is precious. Our time is our creative life-force. The actual nature of time is not linear, and cannot be fully realized within the blank squares of the ordinary 12-month calendar.

The true nature of time is a magical, flowing, 4th-dimensional order that synchronizes all moments, events, and relations as a grand web of meaning. This Galactic Calendar enters us into conscious contact with this web of meaning, and expands our entire context of reality.Follow along with the daily flow of Galactic energies and attune to the creative potential of each new day. Allow the harmonies of color, number and symbol to activate your cosmic self, and infuse magic into your life's journey!

"We love the easy to use format. It's like getting a how-to-book & calendar in one.”

* Features 13 Visionary Art pieces by Android Jones, Autumn Skye Morrison, Sam Farrand, Pumayana, Mariposa Galactica, Ishka Lha, Mythos, Rassouli, Jeff Sullivan, Varja, Manu Menendez, Geo Glyphiks* Indepth Guide to Galactic Time Cycles* Daily Affirmation Charts* Includes Birthdate Decoder to find Personal Galactic Signatures* 44 pages ~ 8 (1/2) X 11 wall calendar  * Printed on 100% FSC Certified Eco-Friendly Paper!* 25th annual edition!

Made in Oregon, USA!Our calendars are proudly printed on 100% Eco-Friendly Paper -Forest Stewardship Council Certified, Chlorine Free, Recycled Paper!

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