New Moon in Capricorn | Tuesday 1/12 at 9:00pm PST

I invoke the spirit within me to create stability
so that I may act with purpose.
I allow blessings into my life with each new step I take.
I am inspired by passion and ready to begin anew.
In the shadow of the New Moon
I am focused and free.

New Moon in Capricorn

Some themes you might want to play with:

    Recharge the energy around your work space be it out in the world or in your home office

    What ways can you change the way you work or the work you do to create a greater alignment with your values

    What are your long-term goals? What do you really, really, really want in your life?

    Where's your Personal Magic?

    Renew how you show up in the world, create a new logo, launch a new endeavor

    And then just to mix it up with Venus trining Uranus on this New Moon: Try something new! Be open to pleasant surprises,     find a unique approach to dismantle an old obstacle.

The Capricorn New Moon is the first New Moon of 2021 and brings with it a certain gravitas. We are at the beginning of yet another year, full of potential, possibility,and unknown adventures. With 2020 fading into the distance, we have a chance to declare our intentions to ourselves and the Universe. Capricorn reminds us that anything is possible as long as we are willing to do the work needed to get ourselves there.

This Moon is the time to define our lifestyle, our practices, and the habits that will build slowly over the next year to become the life we desire. This New Moon is all about the small steps that add up to the bigger dreams. The first place to start crafting your intentions is with your morning ritual. Over this New Moon, take the time to define the start of your day. Within these early hours, we set the stage for life to unfold and lay the foundation for our dreams to flourish.

Even if you don’t know what you want this New Moon, or this year, set aside the space to find out. Decide what time you want to wake each day, what your first moments will look like, and what practices will guide your energy. What we do in the morning sets our vibration for the day and tells the Universe what we are ready to receive. It is a powerful time and one that we often miss. As you work with the Capricorn New Moon, practice a ritual that will extend to your early hours, before the sun scatters the energy of the day and when you can find peace within the stillness around you.

As you begin to establish routines and rituals for the start of the year with the help of this New Moon, also decide what is worth your focus. What projects, people, or aspirations do you want to feed with your energy? Capricorn reminds us that we live in a world contained by time. We can bend time, but we cannot break it. We must decide how to spend our time and use it to manifest our intentions with focus, determination, and clarity.

Throughout this New Moon, decide where your energy drains or leaks exist. Where are you sending your energy and receiving nothing in return? Conversely, where are you sending energy and getting filled to the brim with new ideas, inspiration, and gratitude? Think of energy as your currency. You can spend it, invest it, or save it. There will be times you want to spend it because you have enough. There will be times when you want to save it because you don’t feel abundant in it. Then there will be times you want to invest it, meaning you give it towards something and may even feel depleted for a time, but eventually, you will gain back more energy than you originally sent out.

Capricorn wants to know how you are investing your energy and what you want returned over the course of this year. Align with this New Moon to decide the overall vibration you wish to manifest in your life. What are you open to receiving? What energies do you want returned for your time and focus? And what vibrations support your growth? This New Moon is a time to see your future unfold and see the steps, no matter how small, needed to manifest the life you want to live. It’s a time to become crystal clear and let the Universe know you are ready to step into the future.



Blue Apatite | A stone of manifestation, known for positive use of personal power. Activates psychic abilities, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. Good for self-reflection and inner clarity. Enhances creativity. Acts as an interface between consciousness and matter. Attunes to the throat Chakra, enhancing communication. Also attunes to the 3rd eye, enhancing concentration and memory.

Rutilated Quartz | Promotes spiritual growth. Amplifies the energy of the quartz containing it. Programmable; aids in the ability to manifest through the power of intention. Cleanses and energizes the Auric field. Helps release the past as well as negativity, fears and anxiety. Facilitates transition and a change of life path/direction.

Citrine | Works with the 2nd and 3rd Chakras. Harnesses and strengthens personal power. Builds strength, resilience and confidence. Promotes joy and positivity. Great for manifestation and transformation. Awakens creativity, imagination and self-expression. Energizing on all levels.

Fill Your Life with Magic + Ritual

"Capricorn teaches us that what we do each day adds up to become a whole life.
This is a season to set habits that help you hear your soul and clarify your intentions.
Feel this energy helping you define your practices that support you.
Allow the vibrations of Capricorn to help you create rituals that lay the foundation for your life’s journey"
"Personal rituals are powerful for drawing us quickly and deeply into sacred space.
They invite us to use clear intention with our senses, movements,feelings, visualization and focus to create meaning and purpose."
~John Robson

The smallest choices about how we live day to day, can ripple outward and effect our entire lives. Only when we look back will the cumulative effect become clear. "Oh, that choice to not scroll on my phone first thing in the morning, but look outside or have a cup of tea and sit quietly...". Because our choices each day add up to a lifetime of experience and feelings, if you put energy towards finding moments of joy, pleasure, peace, or wonder every day, then your entire experience of life will gradually take on that tone as well.

As a life-long keeper of journals and sketchbooks one of my favorite rituals is writing Morning Pages. This is a long form journal entry of your stream-of-conscious thoughts to clear your mind. Created by Julia Cameron, here’s how she describes morning pages:

“Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages – they are not high art. They are not even ‘writing.’ They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind – and they are for your eyes only. Morning Pages provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize and synchronize the day at hand. Do not over-think Morning Pages: just put three pages of anything on the page…and then do three more pages tomorrow.”

This is a refreshing and invigorating way to start the day, because it jump-starts the mind and clears away emotional fog, leaving me feeling lighter, and with more clarity about my intentions and priorities. It is a great daily ritual because it is easy to do throughout the year, in every season or mood, wherever you are, with minimal supplies.

For more ritual inspiration, you can draw from and combine the ideas below to create your own meaningful rituals and sacred space. Rituals can be held anywhere and at anytime.  It is especially easy to build in rituals at key points during the day such as on awakening, starting the workday, ending the workday and before sleep at night.


Speak affirmations
Express appreciation
Use scent - incense, essential oils, scented candles
Ritual bathing, showering or hand washing to clear, balance or center
Use sound--a bell, gong or chimes
Bless your food
Conscious breathing
Lighting a candle to acknowledge and spread the light
Pull a card - tarot, oracle, angel
Burn a release letter as a symbol of letting go
Collage or vision board of your dreams and desires
Create space by cleaning or tidying
Create an altar using
     Items that represent the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms
     Items that represent the four directions: North, South, East, West
     Items that represent the four elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire
Align with crystals, gems, stones
Dance or simple movements and stretching
Dowse with a pendulum
Eat with mindfulness, presence, awareness
Express gratitude when paying for anything
Greetings: saying hello or waving goodbye as you affirm your positive intentions for others

~John Robson
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