New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius | Friday 12/3 at 11:43PM PT

I step through the portal of this solar eclipse, which is a doorway to new fresh energy. I am ready for the flourishing of those projects and dreams that have been germinating underground...I seek Truth in all its forms, and welcome opportunities as they arise. I propel myself forward in a spirit of fearless expansion, and allow my authentic Self to shine.

I step through the portal of this solar eclipse, which is a doorway to new fresh energy.
I am ready for the flourishing of those projects and dreams that have been germinating underground...
I seek Truth in all its forms, and welcome opportunities as they arise.
I propel myself forward in a spirit of fearless expansion, and allow my authentic Self to shine.

Woman in white dress with long auburn hair, is stepping through a portal towards a solar eclipse. Background is a starry night sky and clouds.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius | Friday 12/3 at 11:43PM PT

"Sagittarius helps us view all events that occur on our paths as experiences that help us evolve. There are no negative occurrences, and there are no positive ones either. There are just energies that teach and expand us. Some may frustrate us, some may break our hearts, some may confuse us, and some may bring smiles to our faces. All the ups and downs, though, lead to one thing: expansion. It’s not just about the open road or many hours at sea for Sagittarius. It’s also about gaining knowledge of how the world works, the different perspectives it holds, and the higher meaning of it all.

Throughout this season, feel into what expands you. Plan a trip if you like, but more importantly, seek out new experiences with people who aren’t like you. Go to a new restaurant, break up your routine, talk to someone you casually run into, and follow the signs. Another lesson of Sagittarius is to look for signs and coincidences. This energy and season are all about serendipity. In Sagittarius’s eyes, a coincidence is a direct message from the Universe. If we picture the happy archer out on their journey, they are not using a road map. They leave their itinerary behind and rely on instinct, along with the signs that appear right in front of them to lead the way."


"We have entered the two week space of transition, between the Taurus Lunar Eclipse and the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse. It’s a closing out of a year and a half chapter of our lives. We know what we want, what we deeply desire for this next chapter, but there are places where we still waver. Where we believe more in the story of logic and reason than the mysteries of the unknown and the power of the infinite.

It’s a time when the messages of what is possible are just as loud as the doubt. Both there for important reasons: to allow the possibilities and desires to flourish, letting the universe paint us and dream us into a story we couldn’t have created on our own AND to see so clearly what is holding us back, to look doubt head-on and say “no more.” This is how we reclaim our power, how we allow our highest self, our wiser self to steer the ship, rather than the voice of doubt.

It can often feel a bit turbulent, for better or worse, so much is shifting. So much that needs to be cleared out to make way for the new and the new hovering, ready to land and completely change our world."


"This New Moon Solar Eclipse is the last of the series of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius as the moon’s nodes move into the Taurus/ Scorpio axis. This means we are finally seeing the results and closing the books on some of the projects, insights, and shifts of the last 1.5 years. Eclipses shine a light on the Shadow side of our unconscious patterns and wounds that need healing.  

With this last eclipse falling in Sagittarius the sign of expansion and exploration, the energies are a bit more optimistic and future oriented, focusing on our next big adventures and endeavors. Neptune goes direct on the 1st, and this lends to the feelings of clarity as we move out of the mental fog and illusions of the past several months of retrograde. This spark of optimism and clarity will be greatly needed as we move towards the energies of the end of the year which include our final exact Saturn square Uranus transit of the year showing us where we have grown, where we are challenged, and pushing us to commit to a new reality."


To find out more, read "December New Moon—Fanning the Flames" by Anna Chapman.

Crystals for Sagittarius Solar Eclipse | New Moon Energy Portal


Turquoise crystals on a stone background with decorative foliage and berries

Turquoise promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds. Being associated with the Throat Chakra, is helps with speaking your truth and expressing your authentic self, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of any messages you receive. In traditional thought, Turquoise unites the earth and the sky, bringing male and female energies into harmony. This is especially appropriate for Sagittarius the Archer, whose arrow is considered a bridge between Earth and the Heavens--and whose form, the Centaur, is itself a symbol of the perfect balance of the physical and the spiritual sides of the Self.


Hexagonal upolished ruby crystals in a pottery dish

Warm, passionate Ruby is a good complement to the fire element of Sagittarius, and for the approaching winter season. Ruby brings about a positive and courageous state of mind, helping with engaged awareness and concentration. As you respond to Sagittarius' call to expand your Self outward, Ruby is a support for improving motivation and realistic goal setting. Ruby is associated with the Root Chakra, which is your energetic foundation and the basis of stability in all areas of life. Working with Ruby helps you stay grounded, while increasing your zest for life and overall confidence, joy and sense of spontaneity!


Yellow citrine crystal bracelets with citrine crystals and green foliage on a stone background

Bursting with sweet brightness, this golden-yellow stone is the manifesting stone of personal will. A stone of abundance and prosperity that brings about joy and enthusiasm. Known as the Merchant’s stone and stone of free will. Inspires feeling comfortable with yourself and your place in the world. As the days get shorter, this stone brings in a ray of sunshine, illuminating and clearing fears and doubts, replacing them with luminous, positive energy that complements the mission of Sagittarius, to venture forth, to thrive.

For more information, see The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. We also recommend Crystal Alchemy, by Robert Simmons, and Crystal Gridwork by Kiera Fogg.

Sagittarius Spirit

As the upcoming solar eclipse offers a gateway to energetic renewal, we draw inspiration from that strong and beautiful symbol of Sagittarius, the centaur. The centaur is a holistic figure whose part-human, part-horse body represents the value of the physical and spiritual, combined into a harmonious whole.

The opposition we might create between our earthy, material, natural wisdom and our philosophical, cerebral, thinking side, is dissolved. What is at play is the complete integration of conscious and subconscious, masculine and feminine elements, all aspects folding into a unity of highest--and deepest--Self.

We can also see the centaur as the shaman in ecstatic flight--the soul in transcendent motion like a horse galloping free.

Finally, the bow and arrow of the centaur are linked to the search for Truth, the arrow of inspiration is a bridge between heaven and earth, similar to a bolt of lightning. Think of the dorje, a symbol of the Vajrayana school of Buddhism--the dorje is a thunderbolt flash of indestrucible clarity--illumination, enlightenment, it goes by many names.

May we be blessed with spiritual inspiration like the centaur's arrow. May we acknowledge our centaur spirit, and honor our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects as a harmonious whole.

Like a swift, blazing arrow,
I release my goals from its bow,
I will manifest the change I need to be.
Succeeding in the next year, so mote it be!

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