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Create a ritual with magical meaning. Send your dreams out into the universe. Make a wish...

Create a ritual with magical meaning
Send your dreams out into the universe
Make a wish...

Write your wish on the special paper, light it on fire and watch as it flies to the heavens. Sounds magical, and it is! Like blowing on a fresh-picked dandelion and watching your wishes fly into the sky.

Or, take the opportunity to perform an eclipse releasing ritual, and write down the things that you wish to release; energies that no longer serve, patterns that you are ready to move past...Then, light the paper and watch it magically rise and disappear!

Picture the energies being released into the air, unharnessed, unburdened, light and free. With gratitude, bid them farewell and prepare for a fresh new beginning, as the moon's shadow passes and the light returns.

A Bouquet of Spring Wishes

Choose from several designs - Cherry blossoms for good luck, vibrant butterflies for transformation, dandelions for resilience and strength...

Celebrate, Empower and Inspire. For use indoors only.

"We chase the feathery wishes around swings,
beneath sliding boards,
until we can hold them in our hands,
close our eyes tight, whisper our dream
then set it floating out into the universe..."
~Jacqueline Woodson                
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