Feather Your Nest with a Whimsical Crystal Suncatcher

Shimmering rainbows sparkle & dance!
Feather your nest with a crystal suncatcher
Created by makers with a heartfelt vision.

Rainbow Crystal Suncatcher

Bring dancing rainbows into your home with a crystal suncatcher, crafted from sculptural brass with gold plating, a faceted crystal to refract sunlight and cast rainbows, and a gemstone. Made by the women at Scout, a company founded on the vision that "All women have the right to reach their full potential. When women have the tools to succeed, everyone benefits."

To help make their dreams a reality, Scout gives 10% of their profits to organizations to support and promote women and girls. We appreciate their heartfelt endeavor, as well as their elegant, yet whimsical designs...Come to Paradise Found to find their suncatchers, beautiful crystal wall hangings, sweet crystal hoop earrings, and an elegant moon phase garland to ornament your home.

Three beautiful Suncatchers to choose from:

Botanical Leaf Crystal Suncatcher

Botanical Leaf Suncatcher with Amazonite | Stone of Courage
This design is inspired by the two-lobed leaf of the Ginkgo tree, one of the most ancient species on the planet, which symbolizes wisdom & longevity. Crafted with Amazonite, the stone of Courage.

A stone of truth, honor and trust, Amazonite increases intuitive wisdom and improves communication. This stone brings compassion, along with intellect and intuition, allowing you to perceive a situation accurately from multiple points of view, with courage born of deep understanding.
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Moon Phase Crystal Suncatcher

Moon Phase Suncatcher with Moonstone - Stone of Balance
Honor the phases of the moon, and invite the sun's light! Made with a little Moonstone, to foster intuition and insight, and balance the emotional body. This stone enhances personal power and nurtures the Spirit. Moonstone acts as a prism, diffusing energy throughout the aura.
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Rainbow Crystal Suncatcher

Rainbow Suncatcher with Labradorite | Stone of Magic
Bring a little whimsy into your home with this suncatcher, that promises a rainbow on every day of the year, rain or shine. Labradorite increases mystical and psychic abilities, balances intuition and intellect. The stone provides inner strength for change. It's distinctive "flash" of iridescent blue is associated with sudden flashes of insight and deeper understanding.
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Each suncatcher comes packed in a beautiful box with a muslin bag for gift giving.
Includes suction cup with a metal hook to easily attach to windows.

Suncatchers | 29.00

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