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This past Saturday, August 29th, was Independent Bookstore Day and it’s got us thinking about what a valuable asset books are in our lives & communities – especially when sourced through the independent bookstores we know & love. In addition to our brick & mortar / heart & soul location, we have another option for browsing, and hopefully finding, something you simply must read in our online bookshop. At the top of that first page is a list of our favorite books about books and the joys of reading. Have a look around and see if there’s something there for you or for someone you know.For many of us our love affair with books begins in childhood and represents a unique connection with our caregivers as part of our nightly going to bed rituals, our kiss and make it better moments, and our dawning realizations that we are part of a larger world – a world we can learn about and be inspired by within the pages of a book. Over time, books can become the best of friends; always there for us when we need a kind word, a moment of sanctuary when everything feels just too much, a safe place to learn from patient teachers and reliable guides, and wellsprings of wisdom, joy, and beauty.While you may be surprised to see authors and titles here that we may not necessarily carry in the shop, we thought you might enjoy a few reminders about why you love books as much as we do. We’re just going to leave that list up for a while in the hope that even though its official name day has passed, you will be inspired to stick around, reminisce about your own relationship with books and reading, and find something special to add to your home library or give as a gift to a fellow bibliophile.We’ve created a wondrous treasure chest of book lists which we feel confident will interest and inspire you, including The Healing Power of Nature, Magical Living, Dreamwork & Dreamplay, Developing Your Intuitive & Empathic Gifts, favorites from Paradise Found intuitive readers Lani Reagan and Donnalynne Shaw, and much more. Consider yourself invited! We are at your service 365 days a year, all day long and can’t wait to share our love of books and reading with you.

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