Innovative Layered Tarot Readings with the Transparent Tarot

New! Transparent Tarot cards are clear, so you can stack them to create innovative layered readings, and combine with your other tarot and oracle decks in methods that have never before been possible. Unlock deep relationships between the cards, and enhance your interpretations with these unique cards.

A remarkable deck, with simple, striking images on transparent cards that can be used in many creative ways--They are designed to be read in layers, either layered over each other or on top of cards from your other decks (tarot or oracle)! They are transparent, so you can see each card when stacked, to create a relationship between them.

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In the guidebook you will find a chapter on how to use these innovative cards to enhance your interpretations, to unlock intuition, and help discover hidden depths as you read. Find original spreads and suggestions for methods that have never before been possible.

Temperance, the Moon & the World from The Transparent Tarot

There are also new keyword charts with quick definitions to assist with reading right out of the box, as well as in-depth meanings for clearer associations. This deck offers an insightful tool for divination, meditation, brainstorming, magic, and more for beginners and advanced readers alike.

The Transparent Tarot, in combination with The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and The Creativity Oracle.

Meet the Maker

Emily Carding holds a BA (hons) in Theatre Arts from Bretton Hall and an MFA in Staging Shakespeare from the University of Exeter. They are an initiate of the Alexandrian Wiccan tradition and have been working with Tarot for over twenty-five years. Emily is the creator of several tarot decks, including The Transparent Tarot (Schiffer) and they're the author of Faery Craft (Llewellyn). Additionally, they are the illustrator of Gods of the Vikings (Avalonia Books). As an actor they are best known for their international tour of the award-winning Richard III (a one-person show) by Brite Theatre. Emily lives in Hastings, East Sussex, England.

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