Treasure Your Unique Talent | Crystals for the Full Moon in Virgo

When we honor our unique gifts, amazing feats of creation are possible. Here are three stones for drawing out talent and creativity, improving decisiveness and finding solutions, and drawing on your greatest strengths.

“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.”
~ Brenda Ueland, Journalist and author of If You Want to Write: A Book About Art, Independence and Spirit (1938)

The Full Moon brings with it a swing-dancing balanced opposition between the Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces. With Pisces' dreams of utopia and amorphous possibilities, and Virgo's ability to bring what was once vague and craft it into the precise and concrete, amazing feats of creation are possible.

We recognize the complementary nature of so-called "opposites," and the beauty that becomes possible when we combine our unique gifts.

Chrysoprase | This beautiful light green stone imparts a sense of being part of the divine whole. Drawing out talents and creativity, Chrysoprase energizes the heart and sacral chakras and brings universal energy to the physical body. This stone counteracts harsh judgement, stimulating acceptance of oneself and others. Emotionally, Chrysoprase brings a sense of security and trust. Tumbled Chrysoprase

Green Aventurine | Encourages decisiveness and confidence, & practical thinking that Virgo's ruling planet, Mercury, demands during this time. Get in tune with the organization habits and tools that actually lead to an increase in your overall wellbeing, and which ones are just busy-work. Call on Green Aventurine to open your heart and align with the natural patterns that support your best self. Aventurine Crystals | Flourishing Garden Soap with Green Aventurine | Aventurine Pendant | Aventurine Bracelets

Moss Agate | Agates are very stable on a molecular level, and make good stones for grounding and stabilizing physical energy. Moss Agate is strongly connected with nature, it refreshes the soul and opens your eyes to see beauty in your surroundings. It is a stone for new beginnings, and loosening energetic blockages. Creating a pathway between the intellectual and intuitive, Moss Agate may help you draw on your greatest strengths, and expand your capabilities in new areas, inspiring new ideas and improving self-esteem. Moss Agate Crystals | Enchanted Love Soap with Moss Agate | Sacred Sanctuary Star Essence Spray with Frankincense, Fir & Moss Agate

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