Wolf Full Moon in Cancer | Monday 1/17 2022 at 3:48 PM PT

I respect the wisdom of my body and my emotions. I acknowledge and love myself just as I am, right now. I am like water--I flow around obstacles effortlessly.

I respect the wisdom of my body and my emotions
I acknowledge and love myself just as I am, right now
I am like water--I flow around obstacles effortlessly.

Full Wolf Moon in Cancer

"The first Full Moon of 2022 falls in the powerful sign of Cancer. Ruled by the Moon herself, Cancer guides us in uncovering our emotions, processing them, and finding our intuition. This Moon is always an emotionally intense time when we are asked to have patience with ourselves as we soften and acknowledge what lies beneath our exteriors.

As a cardinal Water sign, Cancer helps us generate the power of water within ourselves. Water helps us heal, connect with our spirits, and replenish our souls. It reminds us that we are both soft and fierce. It also teaches us the magic of slow change. Just as the ocean gently molds the shoreline, we too can shape our lives how we desire if we are willing to be patient. There will be times when we need to move slowly and softly, and there will be times when we need to roar and crash. Both of these sides are beautiful and necessary for carving out our place in this world.

Water is also the original home of all life and helps us come home to ourselves. It teaches us what feels good to the soul and what helps us feel settled, protected, and at ease in our bodies. Whether it’s the sound of the sea or syncing our breath with the waves, the ocean brings us back to a time we were held in her softness and protected from the other elements of life. When working with the power of water, we are connecting with our home frequency—the vibration that allows us to feel centered, held, and immensely powerful. This Full Moon helps us connect to water, the Ocean, and the energies that bring us home."

~Spirit Daughter

The first Full Moon of the year is known as the Wolf Moon. Our ancestors named it for the hungry wolves whose howling song echoed through long winter nights.

Wolves teach us the importance of cooperation over competition--Recognizing that, like wolves in a pack, we are part of a team in which each member is equally vital to the success of the whole.

During this Full Moon, remember the people who have "got your back," the kindred spirits (past and present) who raise you up when times are tough, with words of wisdom, kindness and inspiration.


Crystals for the Full Moon in Cancer

Rainbow Moonstone Bracelets

Rainbow Moonstone

The Moon rules the Cancer zodiac sign, so the Full Moon in this sign is quite special. As its name suggests, Moonstone is the ideal stone to channel the energies of the Moon during this phase.

Rainbow Moonstone in particular fosters intuition and insight, and balances the emotional body. This stone enhances personal power and nurtures the Spirit.

Selenite Moon Bowls


Selenite is another helpful stone during this phase with its calming, balancing, cleansing properties. It is a perfect crystal for clearing our own energy fields, as well as clearing crystals, homes, and other spaces.

Selenite activates the crown chakra and helps bring the wisdom of the higher self more greatly onto the mental plane so we can continue to evolve with more confidence.

Brings about calming and centering energy while maintaining strong presence of mind.  Keep dry, as Selenite will dissolve in water.

Blue Calcite Palmstones

Blue Calcite

All Calcites are energetic powerhouses and powerful cleansing stones. Blue Calcite in particular is a stone for self-reflection and self-awareness. This stone is also strongly connected with the throat chakra. It can support you in sharing spiritual knowledge and teaching others.

Blue calcite brings awareness to the words we choose, both in the outer world, and inside your own mind. It can also shed light on how our words sound, how we use tones, and how our message is perceived by others. Speak your truth.

Effortless Ease | Let the Earth Breathe For You

Cancer's watery influence and the heightened energy of the Full Moon can combine to create the impression of drowning in feelings and sensations--when this happens, it is helpful to remember that we are perfectly formed to be who we are, as we are, and that we belong where we are on this Earth--we are part of a harmonious whole.

There's a phrase, "going to ground", which means to take shelter, and it has strong connotations of fear and scarcity. I would like to reframe "going to ground" and bring some more wholesome, nurturing associations into the mix...

Another way of interpreting "going to ground" is to think of resting on the earth, or being held by the Earth...This sort of effortless, peaceful state of being is described beautifully by Thich Nhat Hanh and his disciples and editors, Sister Chan Khong and Sister True Dedication in their recent book, Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet. You can try the following meditation from their book, which explores how stop "trying" and allow the Earth to work through us, so that we can shift our state of being from possibly overwhelmed and tense, to light and effortless.

I believe that this kind of going to ground, in the positive sense, is necessary in order to get in touch with our deepest selves, to see how we are really feeling, and discover what we need at the most fundamental levels of our being.

"In the Belly of the Earth"
Meditation from Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet

"The Earth is inside of us and we are already in the Earth. We don't need to wait until we die to return to the Earth. We need to learn how to take refuge in Mother Earth--it is the best way to heal and nourish ourselves. We can do it if we know how to allow the Earth to be, within us and around us--just being aware that we are the Earth. And we don't have to do much. In fact, we don't have to do anything at all. It's like when we were in our mother's womb. We did not have to breathe, we did not have to eat, because our mother breathed for us and ate for us. We did not have to worry about anything.

You can do the same now when you sit [in meditation]. Allow Mother Earth to sit for you. When you breathe, allow the Earth to breathe for you, when you walk, allow the Earth to walk for you. Don't make any effort. Allow her to do it. She knows how to do it. Don't try to do anything. Don't try to fight in order to sit. Don't try to breathe in and out. Don't even try to be peaceful. Allow the Earth to do everything for you.

Allow the air to enter our lungs and to flow out of our lungs. We don't need to make any effort to breathe in or breathe out. Just allow nature, allow the Earth to breathe in and out for us. And we just sit there, enjoying the breathing in and the breathing out. There is breathing but there is no "you" who is breathing in or breathing out. We don't need a "you" or an "I" in order to breathe in and out. The breathing in and the breathing out happen by themselves. Try it!

Allow yourself to be seated. Allow yourself to be yourself. Don't do anything. Just allow the sitting to take place. Don't strive in order to sit. And then relaxation will come. And you know something? When there is relaxation, then the healing begins to take place. There is no healing without relaxation. And relaxation means doing nothing, trying nothing. So, while "it" is breathing in--it's not "you" who is breathing in--you just enjoy the breathing and say silently to yourself "healing is taking place," and when "it" is breathing out, you say "healing is taking place." Allow your body to heal, to be renewed, to be nourished. This is what we call in Zen "the practice of non-practice."

If we know the practice of non-practice, we don't have to strive or fight. We simply allow our body to hear. We allow our mind to heal. Don't try anything. Allow yourself to relax, to release all the tension in your body and all the worries and the fear in your mind. Allow yourself to be held by the Earth, whether you are sitting, walking, lying down, or standing. Allow the Earth and sun to embrace you for healing to take place.

Sit in such a way that you don't have to try to sit. You just enjoy your sitting deeply, nothing to do, nowhere to go. And, if you have half an hour of sitting like that, you have half an hour or healing. Or, if you have one day, that is one whole day of healing. It is possible. Make it pleasant, make it healing and nourishing. Don't try, don't make any effort. Simply allow yourself to take refuge in Mother Earth; she knows how to do it, and she'll do it for you."

~From Meditation from Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet
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