A Heaven In Human Form

"May Light always surround you; Hope kindle and rebound you." ~D. Simone

"May Light always surround you;
Hope kindle and rebound you."
~D. Simone

As I began working on December’s astrology forecasts, I channeled messages from a divine, otherworldly being that was feminine. She called herself an “Archeia” - in other words one of the feminine archangels!

I normally channel Goddesses and mer-spirits, but this is the first time a feminine angel came through so loud and clear.

The Archeia that came through is named Hope and travels in a triad with two other feminine archangels you may have heard of, Faith and Charity.

According to Claire Stone, author and channeler of Female Archangels, Hope is known as ‘Wish of the Goddess’ and is the angel of manifesting abundance, summoning optimism and joy.

Hope is considered to be the Twin Flame counterpart to masculine archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is most famous for his appearance in the New Testament as the angel who announces to Mary of Nazareth that she will give birth to Jesus. For this reason, Gabriel is associated with the throat chakra and communication–not unlike the god Mercury who is the ruler of this year’s final full moon!

Our final full moon of 2021 on December 18th falls at 27 degrees Gemini, and this special lunation will help us end the year on a more festive and flirty note than the previous year – whilst we were isolating to stay safe. The energy is markedly different now. Many may do away with long distance travel (which is riskier) and opt for connecting with those closest to home and hearth. Humans need other humans to thrive, and this full moon in Gemini, the chattiest and most social of the sun signs, supports and encourages light-hearted connections.

Gemini is the sign of the twins and emphasizes duality: light and shadow, masculine and feminine, good and evil. This time holds a golden opportunity to look in the mirror of our shadow selves and hold the tension between opposing forces with greater love and compassion, both for self and other. In fact, we can take this time to reflect and remember that there is no “other”–we are all dancing sparkles of golden light within a unified field, which is exactly how Hope appeared to me in my vision.

Hope’s message that she wishes me to pass on is that she has come to our consciousness at this time to help us openly befriend, express and discuss our shadow sides with awareness and compassion.

Outer conditions try to convince us that we are isolated and disconnected. When the Shadow is mirrored through our beloved family, friends, intimate partners and work colleagues we can learn deeper compassion by opening our hearts and minds to accept and love all our beautiful imperfections, foibles and vulnerabilities. Healing is always an inside job.

a partner who
supports your dreams
and your healing
is a priceless gem,
a heaven in human form.
~Yung Pueblo / Selfless Love

I am completely enamored with the concept by Yung “a heaven in human form,” and in reflection I’m filled with deep gratitude with just how many “heavens” I’m so lucky to have in my life:

  • My Beloved
  • Saraphina
  • My Family
  • My Mother (very near and dear in another dimension) and Father
  • My Online Community
  • My Patreon Goddesses

And, even though some “heavens” came in a more shadowy form, I’m grateful for those as well …

The piano teacher who told me I would never make it as a composer because I started too late and had run out of time (at age 23!!!!).

The cruel babysitter (at age 11) who told me I was so spoiled and selfish that I didn’t really deserve all the good things I had - WOW. Project much?

The mentor who told me how getting married and having a baby would make it impossible to complete my dissertation and Ph.D. (Well, I completed my dissertation & graduated from Pacifica in 2010!)

What I’m seeing is how even my adversaries have illuminated and propelled me on my path towards my best self and greatest destinies.

How about you? Who are the people that seemed like “hells” rather than “heavens” to you at the time–who you now realize were an integral part of your destiny?

This full moon and the incredible Venus retrograde cycle that will commence on December 19, 2021 will activate many of these same scenarios and bring out what seems the best in some people and the worst in others.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed throughout the coming weeks, connect with Archeia Hope, Wish of the Goddess, by repeating her name three times and inviting her golden, yellow incandescent light into your aura and body.

Feel the warmth of her love and joy flow through you. Make your wishes and desires known to her, then watch the magic and miracles unfold!

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