Claiming Right Alignment

Humans are meant to move through life by means of stepping in and out of balance. Claiming right alignment is a prerequisite for living a life that comes back to balance easily whenever you're facing stress and strain. It’s also the prerequisite for solving any problem you may face.

"Alignment trumps everything.”
~Abraham Hicks


When I hear someone say they want more balance in their lives, I know right away that we’re going to be talking about right alignment. After all when the gears on your bike are aligned properly, your bike glides easily without much noise or jolting distraction. You experience the ease of moving forward, your energy is freed up so that your senses engage to enjoy the whole experience. Right alignment (just like aligning the chains to the gears on your bike) becomes a foundational topic when we’re experiencing the type of overwhelm and stress arising from being out of balance (As a side note, you can tell you’re out of balance or out of alignment when you’re experiencing stress factors that you cannot easily resolve or that keep your inner peace just out of your reach).

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong per say with being out of balance as long as you have no problems returning back to it. In other words, we’re meant to navigate the process of rebalancing, the way you’d fix your gears on a bike or recover yourself from a wobbling state, if you’re just learning. Humans are meant to move through life by means of stepping in and out of balance. That’s natural and even, at times, can be enjoyable. So you don’t need to spend time shaming or guilting yourself when you experience being out of sync. In fact, we tend to define success as having a longer stride of balance with fewer instances of being off the mark, but that too is a storyline or narrative and really has little to do with “success”. 

For now let’s consider what happens when we have larger issues with restoring our balance, because it’s directly connected to the degree of mis-aligment we’re in. We can both examine the degree of mis-alignment we’re holding within our body’s and mind’s and/or claim right alignment. Claiming right alignment is a prerequisite for living a life that comes back to balance easily whenever you're facing stress and strain. It’s also the prerequisite for solving any problem you may face. 

Aligning to What

If claiming right alignment is the key to achieving balance easier, the question arises, “What am I aligning myself with?”. Let’s go back to the illustration of the bike and its gears, because alignment is both connected to purpose and function. The bike’s purpose is to create forward (or backward) movement or momentum at the stimulation of the pedals depending on the direction of the pressure applied by your feet. Inherent in the form of the bike is its purpose. It is made for what it’s made for; for moving its rider through space. 

In humans, things are not as straightforward, since our inherent skills and capabilities are hidden within our minds and bodies, waiting to be unlocked and discovered. Metaphysician, Francis Skovel Shinn refers to the process of discovering our hidden skills and life purpose as “The Game of Life”. Coming out of balance and achieving right alignment can be viewed as that, a game in life that you become expert at. It can be something you master once you know how to bring yourself into the right alignment for your goals and life purpose. 

So a bike’s gears can be put back easily into right alignment, because its purpose is to move you forward in space. That purpose is made clear by its form and construction. But the form of the human body, mind and spirit, is made to fulfill a wide array of purposes according to your innate and unique skills, preferences and talents, so right alignment becomes a more complex process than aligning the gears of a bike. But aligning to your life’s purpose is just one aspect of the answer to the question “What am I aligning myself with?” (In forthcoming articles, we’ll explore the process of aligning with your life purpose). 

There is a more important aspect of alignment that’s wider and all encompassing and is the place I prefer to start all of my clients. This is because when we’re deeply aligned at this wider bandwidth, everything else, including right alignment with our life’s purpose tends to fall into place. I am referring to aligning with your True Nature, because when you are correctly aligned with your Essential Nature, which is equipped with all of the tools you’ll need to accomplish your purpose, then balance is quickly achieved at new levels of human experience. In other words, when you practice to claim your right alignment regularly, there’s an inherent upgrading that happens, which expands who you are and how you experience your life and your world. It’s a very effective way of changing your life and upgrading the reality of your daily experience. I used this tool and it helped me escape from a religious cult I had been raised in and conditioned to believe was the truth. Using this information is no less influential in my life today as it was then, so I know it will help you to claim your alignment with your True Nature as well.

How To Align With Your True Nature

Because I work with energy and I believe that humans are part matter and mostly energy or spirit, I want to establish, what I have come to learn, that your True Nature, actually is. Unlike a materialist that believes the “you” that you are, is “the body”, quantum mechanics is proving that human consciousness is not localized in the body alone. The consciousness that is “you” that makes up your personality, likes, and dislikes, emanates through your body out into space. This is illustrated by the condition called phantom limb pain when a limb is severed and the person experiences their missing limb as present and working when it’s not. They’re still the same person because their consciousness (memories, likes, dislikes, etc) wasn’t removed. The energetic blueprint for the form is still in existence even though the form of the limb is gone. This serves as a case in point that you are so much more than simply a body. You are energy with consciousness that vivifies the body and emanates through your body. Let me elaborate. 

This consciousness or “spirit” that is your True Nature is too large for your human body to contain. I believe that humans are like sponges in water, where the water is both within the sponge and around the sponge at the same time. Your body is more than just a collection of cells and bones, but a vivified machine driven by your True Nature, some of the time, and driven by mis-calculated or erroneous thoughts, fears, or reactivities of the body, mind and emotions during many other times. If you watch and observe yourself closely you will notice the times that you’re out of alignment or out of balance such that your thoughts, emotions or tendencies of the body, were the culprit. Additionally, if you practice, you’ll notice that your “energy” emanates out from your body, like the water that drips off the sponge. 

If your essential nature is not the body, but the Energy With Consciousness that vivifies your body, how do you align with your True Nature and unhinge yourself from over-attachment to the reactivities of the body, mind and emotions which trigger non-alignment? There are many ways to align with your True Nature, including and not limited to meditation, journaling, mindfulness, breathing, yoga, or practicing activities that create inner joy, plus more. But my go-to tool is something you can use anywhere because it’s both an affirmation of who you Truly Are, and a means to facilitate an energetic dose of love, intelligence & power, when you need some immediate de-stress or realignment. This one tool can be used as a foundational part of claiming your alignment in the face of stress and imbalance. There are some more advanced benefits to using this tool, but I’ll save those details for later articles. For now here is the True Nature Affirmation as I practice it. Use it with the directions below to claim your alignment with your True Nature quickly. 

I Am My True Nature Affirmation

I- am greater than my body. 

I- am the observer of my thoughts.

I- am the experiencer of my emotions. 

I- am even greater than the mind. The mind is only an instrument of the Soul. 

I am THE SOUL; energy with consciousness that moves the body, 

chooses the thoughts, and experiences the emotions.

 I am not just the body, thoughts or emotions.

I am a Spiritual Being of Divine Love, Intelligence and Power.

I am one and connected with My True Nature, 

with the Divine Spark within me which is always

A Being of Love, Light and Power. 

Always a Being of Good Will with the Will to Do Good.

I am that Energy With Consciousness 

That, I AM

I am One with Source,

One with God,

One with ALL.

I am the Soul. 

I am, THAT

I AM. 

So be it!

How to Use the “True Nature Affirmation”

 Because the uttering of these words, even in an undertone, when verbalized internally or externally, with thoughtfulness, literally causes your crown chakra to expand, more soul energy automatically begins to fall into your energetic and physical anatomy. In fact, the descent of this energy will continue to intensify and increase if you say it repeatedly. Thus, I recommend committing it to memory as I have found it very helpful to use on the spot when I notice a strong emotion arising or some other way that I begin to feel out of alignment or out of balance. Some express the sensation of it as a “sort of peacefulness”. I believe this experience matches what the Bible refers to as the “peace of God”, but it’s not just a tool only for the religiously inclined. It’s a technology and is connected to purposefully moving energy and working with your energetic framework, to maximize your creative and healing potentials. 

To increase the intensity of the experience you can position your hands, palms together with thumbs touching your heart, while reciting it. Prayer position causes the heart to become more activated and the energy shooting up from the tips of your fingers will further activate your crown, increasing your receptivity levels. Very literally this creates energetic alignment and rather quickly your inner self will start to experience some degree of peace and a shift in perception. This is a foundational practice because as you develop the skill of knowing consciously and subconsciously who you Truly Are in more and more situations, your alignment will both create and attract the right opportunities, right words and right people to you.  

What makes this tool so powerful? The inherent constitution of Soul Energy or Your True Nature is Love, Intelligence & Empowerment. Remember that I wrote earlier, the part of your True Nature that expresses as and through your body, is larger than your body. The body records the hurts, traumas and storylines you experience and believe are true, thus when you over identify with your lower self, that is, the body and bodily sensations, the mind and it’s storylines, or the emotions, positive or negative, you easily come out of alignment or experience being off balance. Claiming your alignment is to align with the larger part of yourself that is Your True Nature or the Higher Soul aspect of you, which contains information or intelligence. If you knew that your True Nature or the Higher Soul aspect of who you are is in a constant state of love and bliss, with information encoded into it and that you could access that anytime by using this tool for claiming your realignment, how likely would you be willing to practice or how often do you think you’d practice? The potential for it to change your life, is only in proportion to your practice of the tool, so I am wishing you every success in first committing this to memory and then using it regularly. 

Here are the ways I use this affirmation. I use it before I meditate to increase the downpour of spiritual energy that happens during meditation. I use it while I'm hiking and connecting with nature; sometimes I use it while doing house cleaning or errands. I use it when I feel a strong reaction arising within me, so I can keep my calm. You can use it during those times plus more. I have even at times journalled the words, in instances where I had too much attachment that my brain was having a hard time registering the words. As you use this you’ll be preparing the mind, body and soul for more intense and involved transformational work, at the same time that you are claiming your alignment. 

Another dimension of claiming your alignment with your True Nature, involves examining the degree of mis-alignment held within your body and consciousness that’s activated in your subconscious mind. When you become aware of what those storylines of the mind and body are and you surrender them, you come into greater alignment experientially with your True Nature. Not only does this naturally result in a shift in feeling, thinking and behaving, but it causes us to question and deepen our understanding of what we want to or need to be aligning with behaviorally. In other words, while using the True Nature Affirmation, will create the initial sense of peace that is part of claiming your alignment, that initial sense of peace, harmony and balance, is bound to be expressed as different thoughts, feelings and emotions. So what are the aspects of your True Nature that you’ll likely express, which will result in a more balanced way of living? There are 5 specific areas that amplify the expression of your True Nature in your life. Next month I will cover them, to help you not only claim your alignment but to help you facilitate and amplify this alignment in all areas of your life. 

Since the constitution of your True Nature is Love, Intelligence and Empowerment, I will end with wishing you ever and always are experiencing the Love that you are, because YOU ARE THAT, literally. If you’d like more guidance on discovering what subconscious energies are keeping you from aligning with your True Nature or your goals, feel free to book a session with me through the Paradise Found online portal. I’m happy to facilitate your journey of right alignment with my intuitive tools of clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. 

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