Tending to the Flame of The Sacred Feminine

The flame is lit …‍The Virgo Full Moon on February 24th is your divine invitation to fan the fire at the center of your soul.

The flame is lit …

The Virgo Full Moon on February 24th is your divine invitation to fan the fire at the center of your soul.

The sign Virgo is represented by the virgin goddess Vesta (The meaning of “virgin” in this context has nothing to do with sexual intercourse: “woman-unto-her-self,” or woman without a male consort). 

Essence of the Vesta Archetype

“In the Virgo archetype, Vesta focuses on her work. Virgo ethics include dedication, discipline, perfectionism, and service. Purifying and cleansing rituals, such as bathing in natural springs, were utilized by Vesta’s moon priestesses. Vesta in Virgo needs the opportunity to fulfill their sacred and authentic calling. Whether it be due to societal pressures, discrimination, and/or sacrifices for family and relationships, there are many barriers to achieving a self-directed path. Even so, Vesta types will always maintain that spark of life and desire to pursue their passion.” ~Leah Samuels

The Sacred Flame

In ancient Rome, Vesta was all about the cozy vibes of home, family, and the hearth – you know, that warm, comforting spot where everyone gathers around. She was uber important because the hearth was the heart of every Roman household, standing for all things warm, safe, and nurturing.

Vesta's gig was all about this sacred flame that burned eternally. And special, dedicated priestesses, called the Vestal Virgins, tended her fires, 24/7.

Vesta is often pictured as a graceful goddess with a veil, holding either a firepot or a bunch of special sticks. Her presence was also symbolized by the hearth itself, and the central fireplace of a Roman home was often referred to as the “focus,” which is where the term “focus” in the context of attention and concentration originates.

The Full Picture

Vesta wasn't just about domestic life; she had an important role in the whole social and political scene of ancient Rome. Her worship wasn't only private–it was a visible and integral part of Roman culture and society. 

The brightest asteroid in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter, Vesta will be in Gemini at the time of this full moon in Virgo. What is significant is that both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by the planet Mercury, god of communication, travel and commerce.

Virgo is the zodiac sign most associated with body healing and healthful lifestyle: nutrition, exercise and of course, good sleep hygiene.

As the days lead up to the fullness of Luna, we can make magic with Vesta to ensure our bodies, communications (personal & public), travel and commerce are blessed with the sacred flame of the soul.

Invoking the Goddess Vesta

With the help of this illuminated Vestal moon, you will bring peace, great health, flow, abundance, magic and luck into your home as well as attract more meetings with auspicious people in your life and business.

First, create a sacred space that invites the archetype of Vesta, the Priestess, into your mind, body and home. Have an altar and a meditation cushion ready.

For your altar:

  • Light white candles and if you have a fireplace in your home, light it to ignite the sacred flames of purity, authenticity, clarity and protection.
  • Crystals with healing energy, ability to clear negative energies and the power to increase clairvoyance will work well for Vesta: Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Snowflake Obsidian and Carnelian.
  • Small bowl of water that you can float flower tops or petals in. Rose and Jasmine (or any white flowers) are closely associated with the Priestess and Vesta archetype.
  • Rosemary is the herb of the Vesta and the Priestess. “Rosemary is considered to be one of the best tonics for the central nervous system, because it acts as a brain stimulant and has a long history of improving memory, aiding psychic protection and intuition.” (Article on benefits of Rosemary)
  • Any single or combined Essential Oils of Frankincense, Rose, Sandalwood, Spikenard, Vetiver, Dragon’s Blood, Lavender, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Bay Laurel, Myrrh, Neroli. Place a drop or two in the palms of your hands, rub briskly together to create heat (fire) of the body, inhaling the fragrance to bring you into centered stillness.

Sit in meditation at or near your altar and ask for the blessing of Vesta for peace & protection in the home, for healing and strength of the body, and clarity of mind for decision making.

Have a journal with you to write down your experience and in case you receive messages from Vesta.

If desired, after your ritual meditation, leave the crystals out under the full moon all night to gather all the magic and transformational vibrations.

May you feel illuminated and healed at this full moon.

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