The Hanged Man & the Aeon in the Age of Aquarius - From Chrysalis to Resurrection

“…All the questions of the mind trying to find a way to show
That i got darkness i got light i got everything in between
Don’t deny any side, I don’t cut branches off my tree…

…Feelings coming feelings leaving that is just the way it goes
How to surrender to the mystery i often never know
Treat it like a weight or treat it like a never ending dance
All the laughter all the tears are just a part of the romance”
~lyrics from Trevor Hall, "Great Storm Clouds"

“Calling out to the way you were, The way you are
Calling out to the way you’ll always be
There’s no stopping the rising sun, What’s done is done
Can you set your own self free…”
~lyrics from Trevor Hall," I Remember You"

Such powerful transformational times we continue to be in! It seems as if we are in an continual Covid induced cocoon; resembling the hanged man, hanging out for what seems such a long time, imagining it is the world that is transforming when really it is us transforming from the inside… Chrysalizing. As a good friend of mine often reminds me…my how everything changes as I change!

There is so much to be concerned about, and yet, while I am aware of what’s gong on out there, I do not find myself distressed; instead I find myself in a continual place of wonder at what is unfolding within & around me.

Every day I wake up grateful: for this body, for the breath that enlivens it, for the capacity to breathe, to see, hear, touch, taste and feel and most especially with the capacity to focus my attention where I choose.

I am sovereign; and regardless of what is happening around me I choose to love, to be kind, to see the good and the true and the beautiful and reach for it and share it.  

“Maybe we can find a place to feel good  
And we can treat people with kindness…

…Given second chances I don’t need all the answers  
Feeling good in my skin I just keep on dancing   
And if we’re here long enough - We’ll see it’s all for us And we’ll belong”
~lyrics from Harry Styles, "Treat People With Kindness"

Recently I’ve been looking at what I create around myself, specifically in regards to feeling the need for an “enemy” someone who appears not to like me, maybe even to “have it in for me” and triggers a victimization response. Someone to blame for the experience that I am not having my needs met. In the past it has been someone who holds power over me and influences my life in a pivotal way.

Currently it is someone who could be welcoming in a new situation, but it appears, is choosing to exclude me instead. (Hmm…I wonder who is excluding who?) And since another dear friend reminds me that the world around me is just me, pushed out…I wonder why I need to feel ostracized, or disliked or to have someone to blame for these feelings.

As I watch myself in this situation, rather than reacting and immediately doing something to change the situation, I find myself observing with interest as it unfolds. I have known slow-to-warm people before, I have become good friends with those people; will this situation right itself in time or will my greatest fears play out? It remains to be seen. But what I know about myself is this; I am willing to look at it all and reveal myself to myself so that I can heal and learn and grow from the situation. Ultimately I will find a way to create a life without the need for an enemy.

Have faith be hopeful that the incredible amount of light that came in during the recent Solstice is working its magic around the globe, waking people up and expanding consciousness. This is an unstoppable force field of good and love bursting forth into the planet, creating spontaneous awakenings around the planet. 
~Christ of Melchizadek – 2021 Energetic Forecast

Evolution, Revolution + Resurrection

Yes I have tragedy and sorrow in my life, occasional dissatisfaction in my circumstances; desires for connections and relationships that have yet to manifest; disappointment with being separated from my family in the time of Covid; sorrow for the choices, circumstances & estrangement of some I love dearly; and yet I still feel love for it all, or else why am I here? 

It’s as if I Am Love, feeling and experiencing all of these things, I am still love and continue to be love no matter what. I am love loving, I am love angry I am love sad, I am love happy, I am love grateful and I am love resentful, I am love singing, I am love crying, I am love laughing…. No matter what I feel or touch or taste or express, I am love doing and being all of these things. In the beginning, the middle and the end, I am simply love.

I could hold on to the stories I tell myself about situations, and parts of me do, but there are other parts of me that encourage me to have patience, wait it out, love it all as it unfolds and changes around me as I shift and change within myself. As I do this I understand that my aeon, my own personal resurrection is occurring in this moment and continues to occur in every moment. And the opportunity is occurring for all of us, now, in this incredible time of transformation.

“You just gotta let that old story go
You just gotta let that good river flow into your heart
It's a start”
~ lyrics from Trevor Hall, "The Old Story"

This is my hope for all of us at this time and my observation that we are all on this trajectory. We have entered the Age of Aquarius, it is changing; we are all becoming the change we want to see in the world (thank you, Gandhi), life is getting better all the time, even if it doesn’t appear to be so in the moment. We are letting go of who we were in the past and evolving as human and spiritual beings; this is the way of the world, the way of the universe – evolution, revolution and resurrection. 

Does it feel good to be the caterpillar as it dissolves into nothingness on its way to becoming the butterfly? I have no idea what it feels like at all, but I can imagine it, just as I can imagine how it might feel to light off the branch as a butterfly in its first winged flight…

“…As more and more of humanity awakens to its spiritual nature…we begin to unite as brothers and sisters supporting one another with unconditional love, cooperation, kindness, love, and support. 
We are absolutely entering into the Age of Aquarius, with its focus on humanitarianism and technology, all destined and designed to support us evolving and moving forward… 
~Christ of Melchizadek – 2021 Energetic Forecast

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