Kris Seraphine on Venus in Retrograde, the Galactic New Year, Yod & more...

Internal Explorer of Infinite Wholeness. This is who you are.‍ As we journey through the transcendent gateway of the Galactic New Year (July 26th) into the Lion’s Gate portal, a new reality awakens...

Internal Explorer of Infinite Wholeness. 

This is who you are.

As we journey through the transcendent gateway of the Galactic New Year (July 26th) into the Lion’s Gate portal, a new reality awakens.

On Saturday, July 22nd Venus stationed retrograde in Leo, which is the sign of the performer, as well as healers and entrepreneurs in the “spotlight.”

At the same time she was part of two potent Yod (“Finger of God”) configurations with Pluto in Capricorn, South Node in Libra and Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune sextile Pluto points to Venus and both form a quincunx with her; the root of this word is quinque which means “five” in Latin and five is one of the sacred numbers of Venus. The other is 6, hence the biblical reference “666” known as the number of the beast and the “whore of Babylon", denigrating Venus as the epitome of the divine feminine.

Adding yet another layer to this lush cosmic cake, July 22nd also happens to be the feast day of Mary Magdalene. 

What we know of Mary of Magdala from the canonical texts is that she was a follower of Christ and a repentant sinner and a prostitute––yet another divine feminine figure diminished and dragged through the mud.

In the Gnostic gospels and many new age spiritualities, she is exalted as the wife of Jesus AND was his most prized disciple, held in higher esteem than any of the other male followers.

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“A Yod in astrology is a unique formation between at least three planets. It looks like a tall, thin triangle.

A Yod aspect pattern is an equilateral triangle made of two planets in sextile (60 degrees) to each other, with both of them forming an uncomfortable 150-degree quincunx (or inconjunct) angle to a third planet.” (

The Yod is an aspect in astrology that represents a point of destiny. Two Yods occurred on July 22nd: one pointed directly at Venus and the other pointed at Neptune.

Fascinating fact: in Egyptian Mythology Venus represents Isis and Neptune represents her sister, the goddess Nephthys––also known as the “veiled Isis”––designating her as the archetype of the priestess.

Neptune and Venus both represent love, just as Isis & Nephthys do: Neptune is the higher octave of love known as agape and Venus is the earthly, physical love, beauty and money planet. 

Pluto, an integral third party of the Yod, is all about integrating the earthly desires with the soul’s desires. In Egyptian astrology, Pluto is represented by Osiris: god of the underworld, husband of Isis and brother of Nephthys.

The balance of the feminine and masculine forces definitely come into importance during the Venus retrograde.

At this same time of all the planetary shifts I mentioned above, there is also a changing in the axis of the moon’s nodes. We have been experiencing deep change in the areas of home, our physical bodies and financial security on the Taurus North node, and spiritual (and possibly sexual) transformation on the Scorpio South node.

Now we are on the Aries + Libra axis. Expect to feel driven to begin new projects and to step up into leadership roles in an aspect of your life. Any co-dependent relationships and collaborations in love and business will need to be purged and we will be visited by past themes in relationships that require healing. 

From a high level perspective, the next year and a half is about REUNIFICATION.

The end of separation.

The theme of unification will show up in the collective as well as in an aspect of your life where there has been a deep wound. This wound is based on the false notion that you are separate from source in one or more of its earthly manifestations: money, love, relationship, health, nature, mother/father … to just skim the surface here.

I want to leave you with one of my favorite prayers/invocations to Venus at this time of transition, written by the ancient Greek poet, composer & priestess of Aphrodite, Sappho, in the 7th century BCE.

Light a candle in honor of Venus, put your hand over your heart and state each word of the invocation with reverence:

Aphrodite, Leave Crete, 
Come here, 
Come to the holy place,
Come to the sacred grove.
Your altars are smoking with incense.
Cold water sings through the fruited trees, 
Everything is shaded under the bower of roses 
And from the shimmering radiance of leaves, an enchanted sleep drops down.
Here is a meadow of spring flowers where horses graze 
and a soft wind gently breathes.
Come Aphrodite, pour your nectar into our golden cups 
In grace make the libation, bring your Melissaes to life.
Evening Star who gathers everything
Shining down scattered - 
You bring the sheep and the goats,
You bring the child back to its mother.

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