Reveal, Release, and Heal with the New Moon, Mercury & Chiron in Aries

Ring the bells that still can ring...Forget your perfect offering...There is a crack, a crack in everything...That's how the light gets in. ~ Leonard Cohen

“This month, the great lights of the Sun and Moon join Chiron—the healer—and Mercury—the storyteller—in the early territory of Aries, the sign of the ram…”
~Carol Ferris,
“A new understanding of who you are now is emerging, especially as Chiron has already been in this area of your chart and has required you to see something differently in yourself.”
~Molly McCord

This conversation between the New Moon, Mercury and Chiron in Aries on March 31st/April 1st has my attention; reviewing the journey of the deep healing of core wounds instigated by Chiron in Mid-June 2021 and being revisited by Chiron’s return to the exact point with the New Moon and Mercury.

The Moon is about remembering and when it’s New, as the high priestess, it’s a fresh start steeped in deep intuition; Mercury as the magician is about revelation and the fluidity of out thinking; and Chiron as the 3 of swords is about releasing old wounds, breaking open our hearts so we can love more; all 3 of these planets are coming together in the sign of Aries, where the emperor enters into mastery and allows the heart it’s proper role (in Chinese Meridian Theory, the heart is the emperor, and the mind’s greatest use in service to the heart).

What was happening for you, dear ones, around Summer Solstice 2021? Are there things coming into completion or revealed in a new light from that time? They sure are for me.

“Aries New Moon conjunct Chiron and Mercury…can reveal where you are in a healing process as well as the new parts of you that are ready to be birthed.”
~ Molly McCord

That week in 2021, I met my most recent Divine Masculine dance partner and managed to offer myself a powerful opportunity to explore one of my deepest most painful core wounds; abandonment (by the most divine of all masculine’s, my father, and again and again throughout this lifetime by myself, attempting to heal that core wound with men similarly wounded as my father). And it’s a fairly common wound, many of us have it; in fact mine dovetailed perfectly with this man’s and we managed to dance and engage each other’s wounds quite powerfully several times since that first powerful trigger.

"The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

And at each point I engaged myself (when I managed to pull my ego away from finding blame in either of us) in a the process of powerful healing, until it no longer mattered how long he took to return in person, or via call or text; I simply set self-loving limits, enjoy my life, and continue to love myself and him and bless us both. It also helped that at the Winter Solstice the teacher Melanoma came by to let me know it was time to release old habits and engage new tools which created boundaries essential in honoring and cherishing myself and anchoring my commitment to BEING LOVE in this lifetime. I am so grateful to this man; because of our dance he was instrumental in my process of RE-MEMBERING myself. He was willing to work through this with me or at least continue in the dance long enough for me to really get the lesson. Finally. 

“No regrets, just love.”
~Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

I know he loves me and is doing the best he can, just like my father did, just like we all do, (despite what our egos tell us on a regular basis). In fact, the reason I gave so much unconditional love to him and continued to lovingly stumble back and forth together is because I denied my father that same loving acceptance when he was alive. I realized this when my wrist swelled up with inflammation recently and the only way to relieve it was to address the core issue (with the guidance of my chiropractor) by holding it and saying I am so sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I forgive you and I release you and I forgive myself. And I realized I was saying this to both this man and to my father and of course ultimately to myself. The swelling & pain retreated immediately and I felt better as I got off the table, and by the afternoon there was no trace of pain or swelling. My miraculous body is always telling me something (as are my wondrous emotions), speaking a different language than my mind, and it’s my job to interpret the messages!

I understand that this man and I are not compatible life partners at this time and the reason we we came together was do this work, at this time, with loving-kindness (one thing he has always been is kind it’s how he got through my defenses). I have birthed myself anew: as a woman who is competent to stand guard at the gates of her own temple and insist that proper honor, love and cherishing be respectfully offered before they open. 

This isn’t something I learned as a child from my parents or my culture, or practiced/explored as a teenager or young woman, or even managed into early middle age. I didn’t love honor or cherish myself, so I did not even know to expect those things from others; it was destiny or fate that some men gave them to me, only I didn’t recognize it at the time or was even aware I deserved them. Some of my dances with the divine masculine had some of these aspects; but none of them to the extent that I would open wide the temple of my deepest heart, even as the desecrated temple of my body was offered freely.

So this new part of me that has been birthed is profound and powerful and loving and kind; full of forgiveness for the wounded in myself and in the other. She is not the Kali I wielded as a young woman, angry at my father and all men who dared use me and toss me away (all the while I treated them as terribly) she is not the wounded victim wondering why every man I met was unavailable while all along it was me that was unavailable.

This is the goddess being re-born in me, and in all of us. It’s time for us all, individually and collectively, to heal the rift between the masculine and the feminine and we need to do it in our psyches and hearts before we can attempt it in the world at large. In fact as we heal it in our own minds, bodies and hearts I imagine it will begin to heal itself in the world around us: “As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without”.

So dearest hearts, what aspect of the rift are you healing for your self and for us all? I’d love to hear about it. Come by some time to play with me and the cards…we’d love to converse about what’s unfolding for you and for us all.

"All of my doors are open, Got a full moon in that sky
I’m leaving that darkness broken, Blowing smoke rings out my mind

Calling on all that’s wild, Pages have been turned
Gonna reach into my fire, Gonna let that old way burn

I ain’t afraid of shining, I ain’t afraid of love
I’m gonna stop denying, This time I won’t run

It’s all in perfect timing, I’m crushing all my doubt
Step into warrior status, All things come back around
I’m pulling back my arrow, I’m shooting for the soul
Standing strong like mountain, I’m coming home"
~Trevor Hall – Open Doors

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