‍Tapping Into Your Knowingness 

The thing that keeps us from knowing is the worry of needing to know in order to feel comfortable and safe. So the first step to tapping into your knowingness is to cultivate a sense of relaxation so you release the ‘need-to-know energy’ that blocks the answers from coming in.

“The more curious you are, the more secrets will be revealed.”
~Nitin Namdeo

So you feel stuck and you hear yourself saying the words, “I don’t know….”. Especially during tense times, as full moons can be, we may be out of touch with our inner knowingness. Or perhaps we’ve hit a wall in our lives where we’re challenged and those familiar words, “I don’t know '' pop up again. Who hasn’t experienced this state of consciousness at one point or another? If this is you, at this moment, just stay with me and see if what we cover here can help upshift your momentum and direction.

There’s nothing fun about not knowing, unless you couple it with the exhilaration of excited anticipation, like when you’re a kid and you visit an amusement park for the first time. In fact, more often than not, the sense of not knowing is a common source of worry at the level of the egoic mindset. The All-Knowing parts of us, get that the only sure thing is that nothing is sure and all things are fluctuating, so even a sense of knowingness is subject to change. Am I saying that it’s then impossible for us to come into knowingness? Not at all. I’m saying the thing that keeps us from knowing is the worry of needing to know in order to feel comfortable and safe. 

Steps to Tapping Into “The Know”

So the first step to tapping into your knowingness is to cultivate a sense of relaxation so you release the ‘need-to-know energy’ that blocks the answers from coming in. This can take the form of something as simple & easy as taking a few slow, deep, belly-breaths, while you affirm “I am always safe and in the right place at the right time.” According to neuro-anatomist Jill Bolte Taylor, author of Whole Brain Living, it takes exactly 90 seconds for the flush of neurotransmitters that transport feelings through your body to wind its way down. If you could manage to breathe for a minute and a half, while practicing the above affirmation, you’ll be preparing yourself to know the things your psyche was too over-anxious to know and as a consequence, couldn’t.

Releasing the need to know actually increases your receptivity level making you poised to receive the answers you are hungry for. Haven’t you noticed that the minute you give up trying to remember a name you forgot, that very quickly your mind serves up the name when you have no worry or need for it? This state of being-ness is exactly what opens you up to receive. 

The second thing that keeps us from our knowingness is the fact that we’re often asking the wrong questions and lacking curiosity? It’s too easy for the ego-self to want to ask questions that pre-frame subconscious, prejudicial perspectives, instead of asking open-ended questions that provide more insight and value. Make it a point to be curious beyond the known boundaries of your present inquiries. You can make it a game and say “But what if I could know, then what would I know about this, if I could?” or “What if I could know something else about this, what else could I know?”.  Then, in the stillness of your mind, be open to any words that may arise and say ‘thank you’ if nothing immediately shows up, with a bit of anticipation that something will soon. I love the power of “what if I could know, then what?” because it prompts the subconscious to activate the area of the brain that is connected to the, ALL THAT IS. 

Soul-energy Carries Encoded Information

It’s this ALL THAT IS, or Soul-energy that I believe carries with it information and divine intelligence, moving us to transform into better versions of ourselves when we simply step out of the way and jump into the flow of being curious, open & light. From my personal experience, this soul-energy that is the real You coursing through your body, is like an electromagnetic field of vibrations encoded with information that Source is wishing for you to know about You. Because the lower vibrational energies of fear, doubt, anger, etc., do not combine well with the higher frequencies of Soul-energy (love, mercy, compassion, joy, empathy, courage), the 90 second breathing suggestion is a way to help you clear the lower vibrations out of your body so you can receive more soul-energy that has information encoded into it

Accessing Encoded Information

My teacher used to say, when students brought him their impossible questions, to “go meditate” because he knew that the silence would help them clear their slate and receive signals from Source. There’s no better time for that to happen than during a full moon.

Full moon energy, comes to clear out heavy vibrations that keep us stuck in repeating negative patterns; that keep us wondering cynical questions like “when is this going to end?”; “why me?”; why isn’t my life as good as hers?” When you practice sitting in stillness during a full moon, you’re automatically increasing your sense of knowingness to access encoded information.

So how can you maximize your full moon meditations to receive answers and come into a greater sense of knowingness?

First, take some time to journal your curious questions. Write down high value questions to prime the way for your answers to come in. Below are some examples of high value questions:

  • What am I supposed to be learning from this situation?
  • What am I believing is true about myself or the situation, that really isn’t absolutely true?
  • If I could know myself as empowered instead of disempowered, how would that impact my words & behavior?
  • What’s my deepest need at this moment in time?
  • What is my psyche most afraid of that it’s displacing on a current external event?
  • If I knew myself to be loved, how would that impact my actions and behavior?
  • If I were knowing myself as intelligent and smart, what would I have said instead, in that incident?
  • What if I could know, what would I know if I let myself know?

Second, resolve to release all stress energies as you sit in the space of loving kindness that arises when you focus on your heart chakra and simply breathe. 

Third, focus on your crown with a feeling of gratitude. Feel thankful for the blessing of divine intelligence & knowledge. Let your focus be there in a relaxed state of expansion until it feels complete. Don’t try or strive to know anything, simply practice a sense of being still and let it come in. 

Then fourth, take a moment to jot down your thoughts after your meditation, to capture any insights or new degrees of curiosity. You’ll be surprised at discovering the Universe interacting with you more succinctly the more regularly you practice these steps.

Wishing you a great full moon experience and an increase in your degree of knowingness! For the times when your practice isn’t bringing you the degree of knowingness that you need, booking a session with a skilled intuitive can be helpful and provide clarity & peace. Simply book a session in the Paradise Found Online Portal or you can follow me on instagram (@lani_reagan) for more points on this topic. Namaste and remain blessed!

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