Let’s Get Full Moon Intimate

Getting full moon intimate is about dropping your emotional guard so that your heart can open and you can share more of yourself with your partner, than you might be used to sharing, thereby enriching your connection. 

“Sometimes you have to drop your guard so your heart can breathe.”
~Emma Xu

Physical intimacy by the light of the full moon sounds like a scene in a movie, but it takes more than  that to create a synergistic relationship that’ll serve you emotionally, mentally , spiritually and creatively. Getting full moon intimate is about dropping your emotional guard so that your heart can open and you can share more of yourself with your partner, than you might be used to sharing, thereby enriching your connection. 

While it’s plain that you can’t survive without exhaling physically, exhaling emotionally is as important when it comes to enriching the quality of your love life (as well as any friendship). January’s full moon is about emotionally exhaling so you can let more love into your life; so you can practice getting into a flow of incremental bonding. Isn’t that what relationship satisfaction is all about? Feeling more loved, cherished, heard, respected, and more met and seen as time draws on? I say “yes”! If you’re with me, keep reading. 

Why does Emma Xu use the word “guard”? Because it’s what the human psyche does when it feels afraid, insecure, intimidated or vulnerable. We tend to hold onto things that bother us. Feelings that are uncomfortable, we tend to keep to ourselves. This is a universal challenge as revealed by the research of professor and author Brené Brown, who’s books deal with the topic of vulnerability and disclosure. Brown writes,

“Vulnerability is not weakness, and that myth is profoundly dangerous…Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness. If it doesn’t feel vulnerable, the sharing is probably not constructive.”

It’s customary to hide from our feelings, to deny them, to pretend they don’t matter or minimize them, telling ourselves we’ll solve for them some other way. We can cheat ourselves out of the experience of vulnerability by pretending to be strong and convincing ourselves that either we don’t need to share our feelings; that no one would be interested anyways; that it might make someone too upset to share them; that we’d be blowing things out of proportion if we shared them, or any number of programs used to guard the heart and “protect” the self from any possible discomfort.

Bob Marley once said “..being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure.” So while letting go can feel uncomfortable and scary, remember that it’s not without great reward. What can you do to cash in on the energy of the full moon in this regard? Here are some energy healing tips to release congested energy in the heart and solar plexus chakras that keep you guarded from sharing your feelings and emotions with your partner. 

#1 Prime Your Path

Love energy flows from the heart and is clairvoyantly observed as pink light. Find a quiet place to sit, close your eyes and begin rhythmically breathing while being aware of your heart chakra at the center of your chest. Imagine that you are in a room that is filled with love-energy; your body is breathing in this pink love energy and it’s filling up your heart chakra. This love energy is filling up your body disintegrating any fears your body might be carrying about sharing and being vulnerable; it’s filling up every molecule of your being with love and sweetness and pouring out from every pore in your skin.

Then visualize the person you want to have a sharing with, whether it’s you sharing or that person sharing with you, does not matter.  Simply see the two of you sharing with each other as you send a line of love energy directly to that vision of you. Let the love energy swirl around and fill up the whole scene, and let yourself feel full of love. No need to question whether it’s working or not, just enjoy the priming, and see what happens. This type of letting go and letting your heart breathe and your guard down can be very potent at full moon, but it’s great for any time you want to create a more connected outcome. 

#2 Mercy In Motion

Forgiveness is a potent energy when we use it but the most important person to have forgiveness with is the Self. You aren’t forgiving yourself for being wrong, you are simply having understanding and forgiveness for the times you’ve bought into fear and have avoided sharing yourself; for the times you believed that to share yourself would make you look or appear weak or unappealing or unflattering. For the times you held on too tight and abandoned deeper connections because it felt too scary or uncomfortable. To practice Mercy In Motion, close your eyes and again, imagine you’re in a room full of love and that your body is breathing love in. So love is filling your whole body.

Then recall any times that you withheld your heart and picture your Self in your heart receiving all the love and understanding that you’ve soaked up. To the Self you are picturing in your heart space say the words, “I completely, deeply and permanently love and forgive you for any times you’ve felt too scared to open your heart. I forgive you for buying into fear, even though you’ve always been and will always be loved, no matter what”. Let the Self that you are picturing receive that fully. When you have, you’ll notice some ease in your body. If it takes you a few times, that’s ok, too, because developing a flow of having mercy will help you in many other ways as well. 

#3 Stop the Blame Game

Be careful and conscious of the ways in which the Self will avoid emotional intimacy by playing the blame game and making your uncomfortable-emotions about other things, other people and the details. Letting go of the blame game starts by switching the focus to your inner Self and asking Self what it’s feeling and what it might need to feel settled, empowered, safe and comfortable, instead of quickly opting to deny, avoid, abandon or push people or circumstances away. It’s said that being honest with yourself is much harder than being honest with others, but when you are, your ability to share your truth with another without blame, gives you the ability to ask for what it is that you need. It gives you power to receive or emotionally inhale because you emotionally exhaled.

When I’m focused on how my partner “did “something to me” or did something to “make me feel” the negative feeling I’m experiencing, my knee jerk reaction is to shut down and feel angry. When I’m shut down, no negotiation can take place and if I try to have a conversation about it and without doing some forgiveness work, it usually devolves into another tense interaction. When I channel mercy energy I’m able to stop the blame game and check in with what I’m really feeling, that isn’t about anger or blame. 

This requires a deeper layer of exploration that full moon energy is designed to take me to as I release old patterns and open my heart to experience any hurt, pain, grief or sadness that might be arising. When I let go enough so this happens I can share that in all vulnerability and invite my partner into open caring dialog instead of blaming angry banter. 

Emotional intimacy isn’t as easy as physical intimacy is but it’s the substance of what creates deeper, more meaningful and intense physical connections. It also allows the hearts of friends and lovers alike become entwined in the soulful dance of spiritual relatedness and spiritual evolution. This full moon in Cancer brings you the opportunity to let go of all the things you no longer need to make true about yourself and life, so make sure to ask yourself, “what things do I tend to make true about myself and about life, that aren’t necessarily true? How are those things serving me, and what’s keeping me from letting them go? If you do this simple examination and practice to “drop your guard” you’ll be preparing yourself for a lovely 2023!

If you feel a need for a relationship reading for some intuitive insight, I’m happy to help you find some clarity when you book your session with me through the Paradise Found Online Reader’s Portal. Wishing you every good thing in your relationships and in life this new year and beyond!

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