New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius | Wheel of Fortune + The Chariot

“Eclipses represent moments of deep, transformational change - the kind of change that shakes you to your core.”

“The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse beckons us to rise up and observe the many blessings that have been hidden in the shadows. As we bring our blessings into the light, it also shines a spotlight on our relationship with the Universe.”
~ Tanaaz

Let’s face it; we truly are in a collective, worldwide moment of time that is shaking us to our core. Everything is changing around us and we are being asked to let go of what we imagined our lives were and open up into what they are actually becoming. 

How do we let go of what we thought was supposed to happen in our lives and accept what is actually happening, especially if it is not comfortable? I can’t imagine it feels very good to be a caterpillar in the chrysalis stage. 

And do any of us actually remember our own birth? That was not a comfortable experience, and yet it was absolutely necessary for us to continue into the life we were conceived to live.

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a card that indicates change, the ending of a cycle and the beginning a new cycle and when it makes it’s way into a reading I see it as is a good thing. It’s not called the Wheel of Despair or the Wheel of Torture, and with it’s appearance arrives an opportunity to look for the good fortune in the world around us, regardless of what may be changing. 

It is true that no matter what we are expecting from the world, we are bound to find it, and so when change is afoot, I look for the good. And when I can find the good in what is happening around me I can find the impetus to move forward with joy.

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”
~ Albert Einstein

The Chariot

The Chariot is a card of moving forward. The charioteer is harnessing both the light and the shadow aspects of themselves in order to move forward powerfully and effectively in life. And the “wheel” he is driving with is the Hanab Ku, or Mayan Butterfly, the Mayan symbol for the Galactic Center, which is the center of our known universe.  The Mayan Calendar is in itself a Wheel of Fortune, showing us the long-term changes that are in process.

It indicates the completion of one cycle along with the beginning of a new cycle that is related to the earth’s & humanity’s alignment with the Galactic Center. It takes about 2,000 years to circle the wheel and return to proximity with that great central portal that is creating and destroying solar systems at the same time. And in 2012, the “end of the Mayan Calendar” let us know that we are in alignment again and beginning a new cycle.

The new moon eclipse that occurs on December 14 is only a few degrees from the Galactic Center in the sign of Sagittarius. The energies coming from the center of our universe are catalyzing the changes on our planet and assisting us in moving into the new age: the Age of Aquarius. There is no going back, only forward into a world where it is possible for us to come together to clean up the messes we have made on our journey to realize our potential as human beings. We are capable of so much love and beauty!

"The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don't go back to sleep!"

All of the climate changes, earthquakes, fires, floods, and the social and civil unrest are indications of the transformation. These are the labor pains, the contractions that began as we circled the wheel into alignment with our center. It appears to be a long birth process, but that seems right as it’s a very big universe; a 2 thousand year gestation would need at least a few decades of fruitful labor.  Even as we come out of our collective Covid lockdowns likely near the end of 2021, we still have more shifts to move through together and even more transformation to weather. 

The butterfly cannot go back to being a caterpillar, it likely does not even remember who or what it was before it broke free of its cocoon and, stretched its wings and alighted. And a baby can not get back into the womb where it experienced it’s conception and gestation; it outgrew it’s vessel, was born into a new world just as we are being born into a new world.

And if we needed another sign, Jupiter and Saturn will be meeting in the night sky right around the winter solstice this year to create a very bright “Christmas star” that hasn’t been seen for 800 years! Traditionally a sign of the symbolic journey of redemption, as told in the story of the birth of Jesus, who came to remind us of our potential as human beings! 

“so watch it come now and watch it go 
don’t you hold onto the high and low 
the spirit dancing on the unknown 
let it move your soul 
what lies ahead now what lies behind 
put all that worry out of your mind 
look in your own home 
what will you find 
let it move your soul”  

~Trevor Hall from Kahn

So, my dear sweet loves, there is no going “back to normal” there is only going forward into more and more love. And how are you choosing to move forward? Is it possible for you to feel safe in the unknown? Can you trust in the beneficence of the Universe? If our thoughts truly are influencing the world we are creating together, what kind of world are your thoughts creating right now? And what kind of world do you WANT to create? Please, focus your considerable energy and power on those thoughts; bring what you want into being!

The chariot card speaks to moving forward into greatness; into health and wealth and the stars in celestial heavens behind him on the card are the ancestors supporting and rejoicing and celebrating in the journey.

As charioteers, we are steering our chariot with the creative force of the universe, being catapulted forward by the integration of our light and dark. Have the courage to look at it all, to see ourselves in all our flawed and striving glories and to LOVE that journey and each other.

In my opinion, this is the way through the tunnel and into the light. We are the light, we bring it with us wherever we are. Let it shine!

“With the solar eclipse, the moon and the sun are aligned-meaning that the sun, which represents conscious, logical thought-
is uniting with the moon, which represents deep, unconscious emotions.

A strong unity can be felt here, opening new doors and propelling you to newer heights. You can therefore use solar eclipses for new beginnings, for taking leaps of faith.”


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