Right Here, Right Now

Virgo (The Hermit) New Moon - Trines Uranus (The Fool) in Taurus (Hierophant) & Mercury (the Magician) in Libra (Justice)

“The Virgo New Moon at 15 degrees on Sept 6 involves conversations between all the planets (rare!) and a number of supportive trines to each of the personal planets. Something big is being prepared to get off the ground in your life, and this is the new door of potentials opening up.”
~Molly McCord, "Virgo New Moon - Divine Timing Is Here!"

It's time to bring things "down to earth."

Virgo, as the Hermit, brings things down to earth, and reminds us to go inside, read the writing on our wall, and connect our high holy with the holy earth in order to bring more enlightenment for ourselves and light the way for others. This is the inside job, and when the new moon is in Virgo, so is the sun, and so we are being asked to bring our light and our selves down to earth. Here in the Northern hemisphere, this is also where we start to head into fall.

The autumnal equinox comes at the end of Virgo as we transition into Libra where we feel the balance and heading into winter. In the Southern hemisphere they are heading towards the vernal equinox now and then into summer. Regardless, we are approaching the times of year when we equalize and then cross that balance and head back towards the extremes.

“The Fool’s astrological counterpart is the innovative and revolutionary planet Uranus. Uranus disengages us from whatever is holding us back and propels us towards something better…You have to leave the past behind and there is no going back. The only way is forward into the unknown.”
~ Michele Knight

The Fool represents not only the new moon with it’s inherent new beginning in the earth sign Virgo as the Hermit, but also Uranus the planet of innovation and revolution which is currently moving through the earth sign of Taurus as the Hierophant. The new beginnings would appear to be grounded in the material world. The Hierophant, in the sun and moon deck that works with me, is symbolic of a download of information for this specific lifetime, a re-member-ing of the self wherein we are able to move forward more firmly as who we came here to be.

The Buddha, sitting in the roots of the Bodhi tree was given a download of the suffering of the world, with the tools to assist human kind out of that suffering, which came to be known as the 8 fold path. That was his mission for that lifetime. What is your mission for this lifetime? Which wounds are opening doorways to the ultimate gifts your very presence has for the world right now?

“Consider that Mercury’s entire journey through Libra this year provides training for how to trust yourself. Some days, that may look like trusting yourself to wait, listen, and observe. Other days, it involves obeying the tingle in your gut that says it’s time to act now.”
~Chani Nicholas

That these two planets (New Moon and Uranus) are in a trine (a positive conversation) with the communication planet of of Mercury, as the Magician, currently residing in relationship-focused Libra, as Justice, indicates that the changes have to do with communication and relationships and a balance being found. 

The Justice card reminds us that the way to heaven (on earth) is to feel the lightness in our hearts; to let our hearts become lighter than a feather. It is this inner experience of love and light that transforms us; it bursts the chrysalis and allows us to discern the truth of our own inherent beauty and be-ing-ness as we bask in the sunshine.


I was alive and I waited for this
Right here, right now
There is no other place I want to be
Right here, right now
Watching the world wake up from history
~Jesus Jones

So while the hermit in our cave receives and integrates the light of the high holy and the holy earth, recharging our battery and filling our lamp in preparation to share the light of this new beginning, the hierophant is receiving and integrating our specific revolutionary, innovative information, all the while the magician is anchoring heaven to earth in active co-creation with our higher self in order to manifest the highest and best interest for all involved, including ourselves and everyone we hold most dear.

Viewing the planets through the lens of the tarot is something I’ve only just begun to explore on another level. Watching the images and symbols of these cards, that I have come to understand so well, as they dance around each other and relate; imagining them as planets and signs, gives me a whole new perspective. 

So what do I see in these symbols for us in the world right now? I see that the parts of ourselves that have been in the cave, integrating recent lessons, are ready to bring ourselves out into the real world, to take a leap of faith towards truly becoming the change we want to see in the world, the change we know, and were recently reminded that we are here to BE in the world. And in that alignment with the high holy self: that authenticity, honesty transparency and vulnerability, relationships that have been hoped for- dreamed for - wished for - are coming into be-ing.

“Mercury’s trine to Saturn on September 4th restores something like clarity. For a blessed moment, the sign you’ve been waiting for materializes — be it an email, an affirming tarot spread, or the belly-swell of your own inner-knowing.”
~Chani Nicholas

And is it because it’s what I want that I am able to discern it, to imagine it? It doesn’t matter, as long as it is, let’s go ahead and be it.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it;
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
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