The Empress (Venus) & the Hanged Man (Neptune) Gather with the New Moon in Pisces 

Pisces season is perhaps the most difficult of them all, yet it never fails to be deeply cathartic. Pisces represents all that we ignore, deny, or suppress...

“There will be a total of four planets in Pisces on the day of this new moon (Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune). This is a wonderful influence for all things Piscean: Music, dance, creativity, spirituality, emotional release, fantasy, hope, dreams, sleep, and affirmation of our most positive beliefs.”
~Zen Ren

“Radiating from this new moon is the unmistakable vibration of surrender – surrender to fate – surrender to what must be. We are restless, lost, confused, unsure of where to go, what to do.

In this dark night of the soul we turn and turn but cannot find our way out. Pisces season is perhaps the most difficult of them all, yet it never fails to be deeply cathartic. Pisces represents all that we ignore, deny, or suppress...”
~Zen Ren

I hadn’t recognized the word stellium (3 or more planets close together in a house or sign at the same time) before last month when 6 planets met in Aquarius, and then dismissed it from my mind until it was mentioned again with this month’s 4 planet stellium (Sun, Moon, Venus & Neptune) in the sign of Pisces.

Hearing it I visualized those planets gathered in conversation in the deep waters of Pisces.  Pondering the tarot cards associated with the planets, I imagine The Empress as Venus, in deep discussion with The Hanged Man as Neptune, in the vicinity of the Sun and Moon’s dance to create the new moon. 

“Neptune is considered to be the higher octave of Venus because both planet's are gaseous and both strive to achieve the higher ideals of mankind; Venus through the adoption of beauty and Neptune through unconditional love.”

the empress sun and the moon tarot | paradise found santa barbara

The Empress, the active aspect of the divine feminine, is surrendering, releasing, allowing and letting go; birthing herself anew. As the Goddess Venus, she is very comfortable in the deep emotional waters of Pisces, it’s one of the best places for her in the zodiac, so she is likely experiencing a very beautiful birth process. And if I have my druthers, as the goddess of love, beauty & desire, she is birthing new love that is anchored in self love, for sure, which is what enables us to love anyone or everyone else.

the hanged man sun and the moon tarot | paradise found santa barbara

And her companion, the Hanged Man, has surrendered himself, trusting the process, in active deep chrysallization with his heart above his head. As he allows for differing perspectives and lets love lead the way out of his cocoon, he is eventually ready to get down as he sees how to leave the tree, in perfect timing. With love leading the way, Neptune, is the higher octave, more evolved aspect of Venus, and the god of unconditional love. I imagine that Venus is in deep conversation with that evolved masculine aspect of her higher self, and this is exactly what our world needs right now.  

We are all coming to terms with the damaged masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. In order to come together as human beings first, honoring all, even when we aren’t necessarily comfortable with it all: male, female, men, women, transgender and gender fluid, Cis, heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual, asexual and on and on and on. Regardless of our biology or our orientations, we are all here to love and be loved. Lust and desire merge with (and in some cases transmutes into) divine unconditional love, creating the opportunity for sacred union and holy communion for everyone. 

“Venus rules what we desire. Whether it be love, good food, a gorgeous new dress, another bottle of tequila, or a syringe full of heroin, Venus is the instigator. Venus creates the desire. But Neptune asks us to look beyond the surface desire and find the root of the craving.

Jung believed that all desires have a sacred origin, and Neptune is the principle that confirms it.
All of our desires have a holy core. We may think we want the new dress, but maybe what we really want is to feel beautiful, valued, and appreciated.

We may think we want another bag of chips, but maybe what we want is to feel nourished and safe. We may think we want to get high, but maybe our real craving is to let down our walls and be at one with the universe.”

Could it be with the proximity of the sacred union of sun and moon that happens at every new moon, Venus and Neptune are entering into an even deeper conversation of how to assist the earth with raising the vibration of human love by imbuing it all with the divine healing dance of masculine and feminine? As humans, spiritual beings on an earthly journey, we are god/goddess experiencing themselves as individuals within humanity on this beautiful earthly stage. It’s been said that Jupiter is dreamy and tends to be “way out there” and that it’s important to not let our dreams and fantasies take us too far from “real life” and I wonder if it’s possible to actually integrate the two. Do we realize that we can and do have both? 

As long as we are grounded in our authentic selves and willing to unconditionally love ourselves and be vulnerable and honest about who we are and what we want, we can take the opportunity to see, meet, accept and LOVE each other and do such wonderful work together to heal ourselves and by doing so heal the world around us. And yet this can sometimes be so hard to do!

“Think about it, there must be higher love
Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above
Without it, life is wasted time
Look inside your heart, I'll look inside mine
Bring me a higher love..”
~ Steve Winwood, "Higher Love" lyrics

Raise your Love vibrations!

Recently, when I lose myself in emotions or reactions or lack of self esteem, I am able to find my way forward into love by imagining myself anchored energetically into the love/light of the 13th chakra of the holy earth/mother goddess, which is the also my own 13 chakra, while simultaneously and continuously receiving the love/light from my own ray of the star of the heart of the high holy God. With each breath in I feel myself filling up with unconditional love from above and below and as I breathe out I share that unconditional love with everything and everyone around me.  I feel myself infusing this human body with the unconditional love that is my inherent birthright and the more love I feel welling up inside me, the more love I have to offer.

As human acupuncture needles, we anchor the light of the high holy into the holy earth with our very presence and in so doing we are shifting the vibration of the planet; raising it and ourselves to a vibration more resonant with higher realms of love. With the help of the new moon, Venus and Neptune in Pisces, we are just in time for the spring equinox when the light, in the Northern hemisphere, begins to expand towards the summer solstice.

So maybe they are just random objects floating around out there and perhaps the movement of the celestial spheres has nothing to do with us. Regardless, in my own universe, it’s all benevolently related and has my, and everyone else’s highest and best interest in mind/at heart, no matter how it may appear otherwise in any moment. That’s the metaphor that work for me and helps me feel safe, at peace and able to get out of bed and greet each beautiful new day. I invite you to share my version, or to find whatever works best for you.

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