The Hierophant: Finding Healing in the Pain, by Kristine Marie

“…so watch it come now, and watch it godon’t you hold onto the high and lowthe spirit dancing on the unknownlet it move your soul

what lies ahead now, what lies behindput all that worry out of your mindlook in your own homewhat will you findlet it move your soul…”

~Trevor Hall, lyrics from “Khan” on the album “In and Through the Body”

The Hierophant: Finding healing in the Pain, by Kristine Marie | paradise found santa barbara

That last full moon on October 1, 2020 was so beautiful, dancing up there so closely with Mars while Chiron joined far off in the background, invisible but palpable.That perfect opener for Pluto to position direct on October 4, all together offering a powerful combination of deep “oldies but goodies”--painful patterns coming to light to provide us with the fuel needed to move forward into this next season of transformation.It relates back to the Pluto Saturn conjunction in January 12, 2020, so what ever was bursting through for you then is being revisited now and moving forward.

Healing old patterns...

I don’t know about yours, but my most recent experience (containing echoes from January’s) was deep and dark and painful, I was reactive and unkind with myself and with others (mostly in my own mind, but some of it actually slipped off my tongue and out into the universe).Circumstances occurred which dropped me deep into old family patterns coupled with the anger and reactivity of childhood-anchored dynamics that no longer fit. And in the midst of my tantrum, watching myself, part of my tirade included:“I know I’m expressing ancestral patterns of lack and poverty and fear and anger that I promised to transmute for my family line in this lifetime and knowing I’m doing that doesn’t make it feel any better!” kick kick scream pound fists on the proverbial floor.It took 3 days to work through it. And I’m still recovering, which is why it’s making it’s way into this New Moon article.

“The New Moon calls for us to return to ourselves,to step out of shame and blame and to focus on giving back to ourselves.When we are “full of ourselves” then we can pour into others.”

~ Tanaaz

There is hope for healing

The Hierophant: Finding healing in the Pain, by Kristine Marie | paradise found santa barbara

At the same time all of this is happening I am also learning a new system of healing that is rocking my world and cleaning my clocks; preparing me to be of more and higher levels of service during this current and continued transition with what’s still to come.I’m feeling myself actually releasing old patterns, taking full responsibility for myself and consciously choosing alignment and healing, as I make my way through the discomfort.I am aligning myself strongly into the energies of earth (mother) and heaven (father), IlluminAnchoring, bringing presence and light and healing with godly amounts of unconditional love.

Guidance from the wounded healer

The Hierophant: Finding healing in the Pain, by Kristine Marie | paradise found santa barbara

As I do this I’m reminded that the medicine is in the pain and brought to the Hierophant card. Chiron (the wounded healer) is represented in the Mythic Tarot as the Hierophant.Similarly but differently, the hierophant card in deck that works with me--The Sun and Moon Tarot--reminds me of the Buddha sitting in the roots of the Bodhi tree, as he realizes, embodies, the suffering in the world and arrives at a path of healing for that suffering which is known as the Eightfold Path.You can research and read more details. The most important part of it for the purpose of this article is that it was the Buddha’s specific path in that lifetime to make that discovery and share it with the world. I recently heard that his astrological chart indicted he would either be the poorest of beggars or the ruler of the world, and in certain ways he was both.

“The true priest is open to the world’s pain and longing because he himself suffers.The image of Chiron relates us to the value of those insurmountable limitations or wounds within us,which although they may cause suffering in ordinary life,nevertheless make us question and open the way to a greater understanding of the higher laws of life.”

~Juliet Shaman-Burke & Liz Greene, The Mythic Tarot

If we are here on this planet, we are wounded healers. All of us. And we are here to heal ourselves and thus healing the planet. We are the collective human organism/element of the planet, spiritual beings having an earthly experience, and as thus, as we heal ourselves we heal her and as she heals, so does the universe and all of creation.The individual paths of healing ever unfolding like the petals of the rose. We are also, each one of us who is alive today, the hope and dreams of all our ancestors, just as our children’s children’s children are our own hopes and dreams.

Conscious ancestral healing

The Hierophant: Finding Healing in the Pain, by Kristine Marie | paradise found santa barbara

We move forward our ancestral lines and our ancestral healing one generation at a time and this time, in this generation, we have collectively decided to take a big leap into the next paradigm.We are doing it by feeling and recognizing, becoming conscious of and speaking out all that has been hidden away and shoved down into the shadows for millennia.Yes, dear Pluto is handing us shovels and helping us dig and as we bring it up into the light, and LOVE it, no matter what it looks and feels like it, finding the lessons and the teachings and offer it GRATITUDE, it transforms and gives up it’s gifts. Those pearls of wisdom that were grains of gritty sand long ago stuck in our craws.

“There is a choice, each moment…We can view it from perspectives developed due to past cyclical relationships or societal/familial conditioning,or we can refresh our perspective with each experience, giving our loved ones and ourselves a clean slate…All are innocent, clear, and free in the eyes of Grace...”

~Shawn, Honest Owl Herbal

Oh, and one of the best earthly parts of all of this, is that as I was working through these wounds to find the medicine and the gifts, Trevor Hall dropped his new album and its as if he’s actually singing my soul’s journey.As I listened to the songs, the floodgates opened and the holy waters of my tears slid down my face, down my body, onto the floor and out the windows and doors. I know I'm not alone. And I am trusting the unfolding grace of life as it shows me what is next and next and next and next, those unfolding petals of the rose.

Healing with unconditional love

And as I do this work, of repairing my energy field, re-aligning my energy body forward into the self-sustaining, highly adaptogenic and homeostatic organism it was created to be, I am flooded with oodles of unconditional love.The by-product of utilizing my energy fully for myself is the capacity to tap into an overflowing wellspring of unconditional love that is freely available to me and everyone and everything around me, continually lifting us all up.So let’s do it, dear ones! Let’s be willing to go through it, with eyes and hearts wide open to the pain and the love that’s transforming us all.Let’s all sit under our individual trees, asking nature to be our witness as we align through the suffering of our ancestral lines and embrace our collective pain, into our own paths.Let’s each delve into our individual medicine and apply the love balm to ourselves so the world can heal with us. And most of all, let’s LOVE ourselves, and each other, as we do it.

“This being human is a guest house.Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,some momentary awareness comesas an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,who violently sweep your houseempty of its furniture,still, treat each guest honorably.He may be clearing you outfor some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.Meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.Because each has been sentas a guide from beyond.”

~Jelaluddin Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

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