One in Three, Three in One | A Threefold Tarot Spread

Celebrate a threefold beginning with a three-card reading at the start of the year. Kristine Marie delves into the beautiful intricacies of the Transparent Tarot, and the possibilities of layering multiple cards and seeing how they interact to create meaning...

“The Aquarius New Moon falls at 1 degree of Aquarius, a highly karmic degree for new beginnings…”


"While in Aquarius, [the new moon] invites us to plant a seed of hope that is rooted in truth and authenticity…to clarify what is wanting to rise within and through us. Sitting closely to Pluto in our skies, there is a simultaneous breaking away of the old…an expansion into the new.

Under this new Moon, we are invited to witness the box that has been keeping us confined, and we get to open the door, step through, and see what’s on the other side.”
~Jordane Maree,

Three cards from The Transparent Tarot layer into one! (2 of Cups, The World, 10 of Cups)

Happy Aquarius New Moon and Lunar New Year! 2023 is the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit! And this is also my personal new year, as an Aquarius, I celebrate my solar return around this time; close to the Western New Year of January 1st the Lunar New Year always occurs on the new moon around this time, and so my own new year feels like a threefold beginning every year.


Perhaps that is why when I read tarot I almost always read in threes. When I use more standard cards, I stacked them in a specific way. Now the Transparent Tarot seems to have been created just for me so stacking three creates one powerful dynamic magical card.


In my Waldorf kindergarten teacher training I was steeped in fairy tales and there are so many tales and myths that involve the magic of three that it is deeply ingrained in my psyche to think in threes. Not to mention that my matron goddess is Brigid, the Celtic triple Goddess(maiden/mother/hag) who is also the goddess of smithery, midwifery and poetry, and considered the midwife of Mary.


The first time I experienced a tarot reading with more than one layer of cards I was fascinated and while it took a long time for my reading style to unfold –it has unfolded to be in triplicate. So if I do a one card spread for you, it will actually involve 3 cards, whether they stack next to each other or align one atop the other, for a powerful visual integration.


There are so many different spreads; any deck you pick up usually has a list of recommended spreads that the person who created those cards finds most useful. And I have found that just as the cards find their reader, so do the spreads find their reading and both, together are what draws the querent, the person who requests the reading. And they all find each other at the perfect time.


I pulled (and took pictures of) these 3 Transparent Tarot cards over a month ago, but wasn’t able to complete this article at that time. As I write it today I am amazed at how appropriate the reading is for myself right now as I complete this article. And I wonder how many others it will be appropriate for when it is published and then again whenever it is read. I am including corresponding pictures of the sun and moon tarot to show you how I read these cards in triplicate formation when I used them and created my triplicate system before the transparent cards found their way to me. In addition, and also in honor of 3, I’m providing the Rider Waite versions for comparison & interpretation purposes.


Here is a “one card” spread that becomes a 1 in 3 / 3 in 1:


BEGINNING– Set the space & shuffle the cards – if you feel comfortable doing so, offer the cards to the querent (the person you are reading for). I feel it is important for the person to own their reading by shuffling the deck, cutting the deck, and then I ask them to pick the cards, one at a time.


INTENTION– When one pulls a card (or cards) it is important to have an intention, a question or a request for guidance which can be as simple as “what do I need to know right now?” or “please offer a general reading”– for this reading my intention was to receive/offer a message in the highest and best good for all for the moment, I did not ask the universe (or the deck) about a a specific topic.

Draw  #1: The initial card pulled is the foundation of the reading.

2 of Cups - The 2 of cups card indicates romantic relationship; even more than the lovers, the 2of cups represents human-– sacred union, person-to-person, body-to-body --relationship. This is quite apparent in the sun and moon card, which is very intimate both physically and emotionally, while the transparent card can be seen as 2 people coming together in emotional communion. My work is deeply based in the sun and moon deck and I often bring the sun & moon tarot cards out to expand upon the transparent and provide further perspective, as needed.  The Rider Waite card has its indications as well and with it I am reminded of the courage it takes to love someone –the strength it takes to be vulnerable, authentic and transparent in relationship and how the angels are always present with us in love. Having pulled this card I understood that the reading is about love, relationship and partnership.

The Two of Cups in three different decks. From left to right: The Transparent Tarot, The Sun & Moon Tarot, Rider Waite

Draw  #2: The second card takes a deeper look into the first card, clarifies the message and the intention.


The World (The Universe) in relation to the 2 of Cups - The world card in the Transparent Tarot is a rainbow spiral while the corresponding universe card in the sun and moon tarot is a Shakti/Shiva symbol in a gateway guarded by 4 sacred mythical beasts and the Rider Waite card shows a woman dancing in a wreath/ opening with four guardians as well – all three represent the ending (and therefore the beginning) of a major soul cycle. As it is offering clarity regarding the 2 of cups, the message of the world/universe is that there is a powerful ending and new beginning in respects to a romantic relationship.


As these cards are read, you will note that I do not separate the 2nd card from the first as it is intimately related. This becomes visually apparent in the transparent cards. How beautifully the symbolism of the two cards intertwines the cups, the couple and the spiral. The cups meet at the center of the spiral and the spiral embraces and encompasses both people at its edges, it’s so visceral, this visual of transformation, of something powerful in the works.


In the sun and moon pairing the universe next to the couple indicates an ending and a beginning, a transformation in the works. And actually, for the first time, in the universe card, I am seeing an eye shape that is also a window/or a door so at this reading I see a door being passed through, seeing things in an entirely new way. I am continually surprised and in a state of wonder as to how things are always unfolding and changing and I am always seeing things in a new way in the cards in perfect timing.

The Two of Cups, combined with The World card, aka The Universe card.

Draw  #3: The 10 Cups in relation to The World (The Universe) & 2 of Cups

The third card brings the final perspective for this “1 card reading” and when I use “normal” cards, this 3rd card is placed on top of/in between the two earlier cards, it is what links them together, integrates and brings the reading to completion/culmination. As you can see with the transparent cards, it appears is if there is 1 card’s simple and powerful message essentially created from the stacking of the three cards.


The couple in the 10 of cups card from the transparent perspective indicates how the couple sees clearly, is aware of and celebrates the change in the relationship as represented by the couple in the spiral to whom they raise their two cups to the 8 cups in the sky superimposed on the couple in the spiral.


The Rider Waite card shows the inspiration for the transparent card, with the rainbow and the children dancing, this is a card of completion, at all 10s are as well as a return from the 10 to the 1 numerologically (10= 1+0=1).


The sun and the moon card speaks to grown up relationship, the masculine and feminine energies in perfect balance in the self – each person’s respective masculine energy holds the structure for their feminine to flow - adults meeting each other from that place have their grown up “chonies”(underpants) on and are ready and able to be in healthy grown up relationship.


So this one card reading, the culmination of three cards together has a powerful message about the completion of a relationship, and ending of old and no longer useful patterns of relating and it harkens the entrance of a new relationship, one based on healthy, adult communication based in the conscious use of vulnerability, transparency and authenticity.


See how the couple in the lower left hand corner is celebrating their journey, their capacity to grow through their love and their learning, their ending and their beginning. They acknowledge how the universe has embraced their journey and lovingly helped them through the process. Does this indicate a conscious uncoupling or the renewal of vows? Is this the celebration of an anniversary? The dancing children in the Rider Waite card surely indicate a party! So much depends on perspective and filters of everyone involved.

The Ten of Cups is the third card of this reading.

While I offer my perspectives and filters to those who come to receive a reading with me, along with my gift for reframing and finding the blessings in every situation, what is most important in the reading is how the querent perceives the cards. I tell every person I read for to trust their own information; take what resonates and leave the rest behind. I ask them what they see, listen to what they want to talk about, to what the images, stories and symbols and archetypes elicit in their minds and what they want to share, if they want to share. I do not need to receive information – the reading and the information is for them to with as they will.


Between the time I pulled these cards and the article I am writing in this moment there actually has been a huge shift in my romantic relationship, with the help of a surgery and the gift of Covid for Christmas, I put on my big girl chonies and chose to love and honor myself powerfully and in so doing elicited more loving kindness and healthy communication. I am so excited to find out what is unfolding next!


Please come and see me here at Paradise Found on Sunday, February 22; I’ll be here from 1-5 pm!


Happy New Year, dear ones, I look forward to hearing about all the blessings that shower upon you during our next circle around the sun!


Shortly after this New Moon peaks, we have zero major planets in retrograde. Strong forward-moving energy is on the way. We will feel ourselves naturally wanting to push forward and get things done - Keep some space to go at your own pace.

Keep some awareness - We don’t have to pressure or force ourselves to go too big. We can, instead, return to the simpler side of life, and choose to nourish, focus, and enjoy what is truly important to our souls.”
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