Underneath It All: A Reading for the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse 

For this New Moon solar eclipse in Aries, the first new moon of the new astrological year, I offer a 6-placement reading. The 6 placement reading, with 3 layers (18 cards) is considered my “full reading” at the end of which, I go to the bottom of the deck, and layer the last 3, starting at the very bottom. These are the official message from the deep unconscious. 

For this reading I am actually beginning at what could also be considered the end. Sometimes I also start a reading by pulling the bottom card, it really depends on my intuition – I always listen and follow my inner guidance. To me that looks/feels like a thought or impulse regarding where to start, even if it’s different than how I usually begin a reading. As long as I have set my space and my intention, it is then up to my intuition and the cards to proceed – and of course to the querent (the person who has come for a reading).

Underneath it all - Starting from the Foundation

Underneath it all for this article’s reading is the ace of pentacles, a new beginning in the material earthly realm. Health, wealth, prosperity are all a possibility and a promise in this new beginning.

Then comes the princess of pentacles who is very thoughtfully exploring all of the possibilities of this new beginning – she looks at it all in a myriad of ways – this new material beginning has given her a new perspective, a new way of looking at things and she is looking at all of the possibilities.

Finally, once she has gathered all of the relevant information and thoughts she sits with the 2 of swords and reflects inward – she knows what she knows what she knows – she does not need external validation. The two of swords indicates a powerfully fine tuned internal navigation system – we can trust ourselves to know the right way forward when we are anchored in the now, trusting our information and the perspective we have cultivated through previous explorations.

So now let’s go to the whole reading and see how what is underneath it all reflects the totality of what is being offered:

In the 1st layer the central figure & 1st placement of the king of cups is supported by the 3 of wands; the mastery of the masculine aspect of emotion, the king of hearts acknowledges how much work it took to get here to this place of mastery. In the recent past the 10 of pentacles indicates completion and success and inheritance, including genetic/ancestral inheritance. 

The king faces the near future and raises his cup to the coming generosity – prosperity begets generosity, money earned and pennies from heaven that have appeared form nowhere – this is what is in store.

The lightning strike of the tower at the root of the matter, the card placement at the bottom, indicates that big change is what is anchored here and the blossom or fruit of this change is at the top – the hermit – this change has brought us back into our cave where we re-align ourselves with the holy earth and the high holy as we read the writing on our own wall and recharge our battery, refill our lamp so we have the resources to go out again and light the way for ourselves and those who depend upon us.

Which brings us o the 2nd layer where the judgment card– our own personal resurrection – represented by a phoenix rising, further emphasizes the transformation of this reading, placing it front & center. And the hierophant the card the re-member-ing of our reason for being here on earth at this time, shows us how powerfully we are prepared for what is happening now. At our core we know we came here for this and we are ready for what is.

In the recent past, the chrysalis of the hanged man dropping from the branch that holds our ancestral inheritance indicates perfect timing and see how beautiful it is that the destruction of the caterpillar becomes the creation of the butterfly, I had not imagined a butterfly as a phoenix before, yet the symbolism here is apropos.

In the near future there appears to be approaching an opportunity to become aware of what has broken the heart – the 3 of hearts – linked to the generosity/prosperity/inheritance.

And at the root we see the lightning striking the 4 of swords – the “forced respite in order to become receptive” – we are now receptive to that powerful change. It appears to be exactly what we have been waiting for because look up to the top, at the fruit/blossom, we have the 8 cups – the confirmation that when we are complete with what no longer serves anymore, we use it to support our journey towards what serves us now/next. Noting has ever been a waste of time – despite any indications to the contrary, all of life is, and has always been, happening for us.

In the 3rd, final layer, the chains of the devil at the center show us how the rising phoenix is breaking the chains that have held us captive, especially in the heart – and in support of that transformation, the queen of cups joins the 3 of cups and hierophant to indicate that through divine compassion, loving our self, filling our own cup with the unconditional love always being offered by divine mother allows us to offer divine compassion to others, and in so doing, support the breaking of the chains that have bound us up to now.

The ace of swords in the recent past is the new thought process beginning that assisted with the birth of the phoenix/butterfly. This is the same sword that the princess wields in her journey of exploration in what is underneath it all! And see how in the near future that princess of swords is also the queen of swords, using her sharp insight and “owl medicine” to cut through the chains of the past and any illusions and release the cause of the heartbreak while protecting the generosity & prosperity over her shoulder. As we move forward we heal and re-member our generosity.

At the root of the matter the 8 of coins indicate the gross harvest of our life’s work so far – it looks as if that harvest is being reaped/released by the powerful transformation we have been waiting for! And just so, because up above at the blossom/fruit we see, with the 6 of wands that this is a victory for us – we are victorious – we are celebrating and spirit celebrates with us.


These 21 cards are made complete by the final 22nd card (which is the final card of every reading I give) my business card, which contains a tarot card on the back – for this reading that card is the moon:

The moon reminds us that the unconscious is always in process of becoming conscious. Whether through dreams, or art or through all the “coincidences” and serendipities of life, our souls are always unfolding and growing and learning and evolving and more is always being revealed.

When the moon shows up in a reading she asks us to pay attention to those dreams, to our creative impulses and to all of the significant insignificances in the work around us; as we do so the unconscious becomes conscious and reveals itself to us, the more we acknowledge the more will reveal itself. If you are heaving powerful dreams, write them down or tell them to a friend or beloved. As you write, paint, dance, sing, knit, crochet, draw with crayons, allow yourself to move with the creation, set it free – see what wants to move through you and be grateful to all of the messengers around you all of the time – the birds and flowers, rays of sunshine, rainbows, spiders and bunnies that cross your path – they all have messages, listen. And trust yourself – because you know what you know what you know. Underneath it all, this is another new beginning and just like each brand new day we get to begin fresh and clean.

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