Why Receiving Is Harder Than It Looks 

‍“Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.” ~Rabindranath Tagore | So how can we train the brain and body to relax into a state of receivership? Tagore’s words above hold much wisdom and they are based on the hermetic principle of correspondence and the principle of vibration. 

“Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.”
~Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali polymath and poet (1861-1941)

If it were just about going out and getting what you want, you’d be skipping over the most impactful part of manifesting the things you want in your life: Receivership. 

In the world of the ego (the part of consciousness based in separation instead of ONE-ness), attainment is primarily about the active state of ‘Getting’, as in taking action to get what you want. Often left out of mention is its complementary state of consciousness: that of Receiving. Practicing receivership is absolutely required to receive anything, irrespective of how much you work or how much action you take. If you miss out on practicing to receive, you may get what you worked for but then feel unfulfilled or empty when you get it. Because the world of the ego dominates human consciousness, it’s often harder to practice receivership than it is to go out and take action to get it. So how can we train the brain and body to relax into a state of receivership? Tagore’s words above hold much wisdom and they are based on the hermetic principle of correspondence and the principle of vibration. 

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

First, the principle of correspondence is explained in the phrase “As above, so below. As within, so without.” As this applies to our topic of Receivership, the world of matter outside of the body, reflects the inner world of consciousness within the mind. What you attain will always be reflective of the quality of your consciousness. While this may feel like a hard pill to swallow, it’s actually a very powerful point of realization to work from, as long as you keep yourself in the knowingness of your Self and experience of your SELF as ALL Love, ALL Intelligence and ALL Empowerment, you’ll be fine. No shaming allowed, please. 

Receivership is a Vibration

Second, Receivership is a vibration. The principle of vibration is based on the science that everything is always in constant motion. Scientists have already determined that even the Universe is expanding; it’s in constant motion, and where there is motion there has to be vibration. At the finer frequencies of vibration are your thoughts and feelings (yes, those are vibrations, emitted by and through your body) held at your conscious and subconscious levels. Holding your focus at any particular vibration will result in the attracting of its corresponding vibration to you. This doesn’t mean that if you keep our thoughts and actions focused positively that you’ll be immune from painful experiences, for your experiences are also dictated by the ages long karmic record your Higher Soul has been collecting throughout all time. However it does mean there’s higher manifesting potential when you practice staying in the high state of vibration of receivership while dropping any “pushing away” type of consciousness. This “pushing away” type of consciousness is what makes receivership hard to practice.

How to be a Gracious Receiver

Think about it. When you are a gracious receiver you're not crossing your arms in doubt. When you’re a gracious receiver you’re not complaining about why it’s not here yet, nor are you asking “When am I going to get there?”. When you’re a gracious receiver you’re not laden with thoughts of why it’s not here yet, or what’s wrong with you, that you don’t have it yet. When you’re a gracious receiver you’re not impatient, nor are you plagued with feelings of pressure to do more. You may have an impulse to do something, but it won’t be coming from a frequency of desperation or impatience.

Instead your inspiration to act will come from a place of gratitude and creative exploration, like going on a treasure hunt. When reflecting on your personal level of receivership, where do you think you’re at? Every person has the chance to improve their skills in receivership. It’s just a matter of practice. Here are a few points of power to help you transcend the difficulties of practicing to receive, and becoming skilled in Receivership.

Practice Open-ness and Relaxation

First and foremost, receivership is punctuated by the physical posture of open-ness and relaxation in the body. It’s devoid of pressure to perform, impatience about receiving, or any other negative emotion that may cause your vibration to drop. So the first point of power is to notice when you are holding tension in your mind and body when you think about the thing you want to receive, and practice to breathe some openness and awareness to that tension. Intend to love the tension itself, into a relaxed state. You don’t have to solve anything about your goal, at the moment, because even if you had all the tools to work on attaining your goal, your body isn’t relaxed enough to enjoy it or to receive it. Meditation, massages and pedicures are all good ways to train your body and mind to let go and be in an aware and relaxed state of consciousness. This will help you to attune your vibration as Tagore alludes to. 

The Power of Receiving

The second point of power is to remember which states of consciousness indicate or invite a spirit of receivership so that you can attune to those, instead of the more active states which inhibit skilled receivership. According to author Amanda Owens in her book, The Power of Receiving, They are as follows: feeling grateful, accepting, allowing, opening, noticing, feeling, listening, meditating, watching, including, acknowledging, yielding, contemplating, welcoming, hearing, observing and a few more. Be watchful to see that you’re not in the active states as much. The active states, which can often push away your intentions are: analyzing, doing, going after, performing, controlling, investigating, talking, promoting, judging, influencing, forcing, hiding, building, persuading, multi-tasking, thinking, and a few more. This is not to say these states are unimportant, but they are frequently states that inhibit the degree of receivership required to attain your goal. 

Because every human has subconscious beliefs (energies) hidden from conscious awareness, our ability to practice receiving is even more challenging due to the subconscious beliefs we hold as true. For example, if you were raised to believe that hard work is the way to succeed, you may be very driven and feel like “receiving” is being lazy or that it’s a form of being too entitled. This belief can leave you racing to get things done but then feeling little fulfilled after attaining it. Or,  achieving it but not achieving as much as you had wanted or feeling under-rewarded after you attain it. What can be done about these subconscious limiting beliefs?

Welcome the Wisdom of Your Subconscious Mind

Author Amanda Owen has an exercise I highly recommend called the Monster Party, which she designed as a way to access your subconscious mind in a playful and lighthearted way. Briefly, Owen advises (after you take steps to relax your body) to visualize yourself throwing a party for the “monster” in your closet (or your negative subconscious thoughts hidden in your subconscious mind). The party should be as lavish as you wish or not, and you should visualize a closet door that you open to welcome in your monster. As you host the party pay attention to what your monster looks like and feels like, and listen to what it has to share with you. When your monster is finished sharing what needs to be shared you’re to conduct your monster back into the closet and upon returning to normal consciousness, journaling helps to integrate the experience. Owen says this usually needs to be done more than once, but that very quickly the subconscious content becomes integrated into a sense of wholeness which manifests in a higher vibration of receivership. For more examples, check out her book in our online bookshop. It’s a great source for more exercises and to hear examples of others who transcended their negative subconscious vibrations to become skilled receivers. 

No matter what you do in the year ahead, may your holidays give you the space to  improve the quality of your receptivity so that it helps you to create the best life possible for you and yours. If you feel inclined to get support in improving your Receivership I’m available for zoom sessions via the Online Reader’s Portal and am always happy to help. Wishing you the blessing of high receptivity and expert Receivership, always!

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