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Embrace the Goddess spirit! The Motherpeace Round Tarot deck is based on 30,000 years of Goddess wisdom traditions the world over.

"When I began studying the Motherpeace, I felt as though I had found a multifaceted tool that could be used to adjust and aerate the deep recesses of my soul....

This deck is empowering to women and fosters feelings of strong personal agency and appreciation for the feminine in general."
~Kathleen Meadows

Connect with a lineage of powerful Goddess energy that goes back beyond recorded history, to pre-patriarchal societies and the dawn of humanity! The creators of Motherpeace Tarot have departed from traditional (and often patriarchal) imagery of tarot, and have instead embraced the goddess spirit.

Read the companion book and learn more about the power of the Goddess in history and mythology.

Created by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble, the Motherpeace Tarot deck combines art, history, mythology, folklore, philosophy, science, astrology and comparative religion. The feminist perspective of this artistic creation and oracular tool is balanced with several male figures present in the deck. Motherpeace’s round cards and primitive artwork allow the reader to rely on intuition rather than standard “black and white” meanings.

The four suits of the Minor Arcana are Cups; Wands, depicted with African culture; Discs, illustrated with Navajo culture; and Swords, depicted with Greco-Roman imagery. This unique deck comes in two sizes, regular and mini.

The deck comes with it's own guide to interpreting the cards, and if you want to dive deeper into the mythos of the Goddess, you can read Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess Though Myth, Art and Tarot. This fabulous book will go into the history of goddess worship throughout history, and connect you to the pre-patriarchal roots of societies around the globe.

Meet the Creators

Karen Vogel is a renowned intuitive who is widely known as co-creator of the Motherpeace Tarot deck and as a tarot reader, teacher and writer as well as an extraordinary artist. Karen's creative voice expresses her deep sense of animation and spirit in nature.

Karen's art has appeared prominently in a number of well-known performances installations in the Bay Area of California. She is the author of Coyote Tails and the illustrator of Secret of the Missing Crown.

Vicki Noble is a feminist, healer, author, independent scholar and wisdom teacher. After writing Motherpeace Tarot, she has written several books, including Shakti Woman (a handbook for healers) and The Double Goddess (a history of female shamanism). She has developed a powerful ritual healing process, teaches and lectures internationally, and has led tours of women on pilgrimage to sacred Goddess sites around the world. She lives in the mountains near Santa Cruz, California.

26.95 | Regular size deck

21.95 | Mini deck

19.99 | Motherpeace book

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