Affirmations to Align with your True Nature

This practice is excerpted from the article  "Claiming Right Alignment" by Lani Reagan, one of our intuitive readers at Paradise Found.

"There are many ways to align with your True Nature, including meditation, journaling, mindfulness, breathing, yoga, or practicing activities that create inner joy, and more.

My go-to tool is something you can use anywhere because it’s both an affirmation of who you Truly Are, and a means to facilitate an energetic dose of love, intelligence & power, when you need some immediate de-stress or realignment.

When to use this affirmation - I use it before I meditate to increase the downpour of spiritual energy that happens during meditation. I use it while I'm hiking and connecting with nature; sometimes I use it while doing house cleaning or errands. I use it when I feel a strong reaction arising within me, so I can keep my calm.

I Am My True Nature Affirmation

I- am greater than my body. 
I- am the observer of my thoughts.
I- am the experiencer of my emotions. 
I- am even greater than the mind. The mind is only an instrument of the Soul. 
I am THE SOUL; energy with consciousness that moves the body, 
chooses the thoughts, and experiences the emotions.
 I am not just the body, thoughts or emotions.
I am a Spiritual Being of Divine Love, Intelligence and Power.
I am one and connected with My True Nature, 
with the Divine Spark within me which is always
A Being of Love, Light and Power. 
Always a Being of Good Will with the Will to Do Good.
I am that Energy With Consciousness 
That, I AM
I am One with Source,
One with God,
One with ALL.
I am the Soul. 
I am, THAT
I AM. 
So be it!
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