Back to School! Crystal Energy Boost

Citrine for confidence and joy, Amethyst for soothing anxiety, Fluorite for focus and Carnelian for courage...

An exciting and often hectic time, we came up with a list of crystals to help with the transition back to school. These crystals offer a bit of friendly energy to keep the good times good and make the hard parts easier. Citrine for confidence and joy, amethyst for soothing anxiety, fluorite for focus and carnelian for courage...Carry a stone in your pocket or wear as a bracelet.

Citrine | Meeting lots of new people can be challenging. Sunny golden Citrine boosts self-esteem and helps overcome shyness, so we can stay focused on doing our best and feel comfortable in our new environment. Offers protection for the aura and promotes enjoyment of new experiences.
Citrine | Citrine Crystal Bracelets

Amethyst | Calms and soothes anxiety in new, stimulating environments. Creates a no stress zone around anyone who carries it. Enhances higher states of consciousness, and helps us absorb new ideas with ease.
Amethyst | Amethyst Crystal Bracelets

Fluorite Crystal Bracelets | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Fluorite | Fluorite's tranquil energy instills a sense of peace and aids in decision making, mental clarity and memory integration. It is a wonderful stone for studying and test taking, cutting through distractions and enhancing the ability to focus on the task at hand.
Fluorite | Fluorite Crystal Bracelets

Carnelian | Face new situations and meet new people with courage and confidence. Fiery carnelian roars in bringing vitality, motivation, and creativity. Carnelian helps in trusting yourself and your perceptions, banishes negativity and replaces with a love of life.
Carnelian | Carnelian Crystal Bracelets

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