Blue Super Full Moon in Pisces Meditation & Ritual

Join us August 30th from 6pm-7pm for a Full Moon meditation and ritual with Rose DeLos Angeles! In this meditation Lady Pisces the Seer is amplifying water and the ocean for us.

Cosmic Blooming Abundance
When: August 30th, 6pm-7pm
Where: Instagram Live on the page of Paradise Found @paradisefoundsb

Coming in this Blue Super Full Moon in Pisces we feel great power from the cosmos. Lady Pisces the Seer is amplifying water and the ocean for us. The ocean mirroring the cosmos above brings abundance from above as below. As she emerges out of the rose fully bloomed and ready to conquer, she sees abundance clearly all around. Each petal from the rose is cosmic abundance. As she comes up to surface, she's ready to receive in all directions. Her heightened intuition will guide you to that cosmic abundance.

In this meditation Lady Pisces will pour cosmic rose petals of abundance over you and into your life. As Lady Pisces is the Seer, these rose petals will allow you to  see abundance in forms that you haven't thought of to integrate and manifest into your life to bloom. Your intuition will be heightened and new perceptions from the rose blooms will help level you up and see things from new perspectives.

Please note:

If you would like to have any crystals present or light any candles, please do so. Whatever you feel called to have present with you will be charged up with the ritual energy! Suggested crystals for this meditation are Amethyst, Lapis, Clear Quartz, rainbow moonstone, moonstone, labradorite.

If you have a list of your heart's desires/intentions, it will be taken up by your Guardian Angel & Cosmic Angels of the Universe up to become manifest.

Artist @midnightmoonvisuals

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