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Welcome to the Book Report! Included is a selection of 2023 calendar offerings; some delightful works for young readers; and a few ‘Just Because + Just for Fun’ offerings.

Of the many, many ways we humans have found to organize our experiences, the daily calendar is among the most practical and universal. A whole year of beauty, information, and structure right there on your wall…or desk…or fridge...or ?? What a concept! And we have a gorgeous collection of them over at the online shop which you can view in its entirety right here!

“Getting organized is a sign of self-respect.”
~Gabrielle Bernstein

In honor and celebration of National Native American Heritage Month, may I present these two beautiful calendars:

the lakota way calendar | paradise found santa barbara

The Lakota Way: Native American Wisdom on Ethics and Character calendar features authentic artwork by Lakota and Iroquois artist Jim Yellowhawk and Lakotan wisdom stories by Joseph M. Marshall III, a Native American Indian teacher, historian, Lakota craftsman, and writer.

ghost dance calendar | paradise found santa barbara

The Ghost Dance: The Art of JD Challenger calendar teaches us how in the late 1800s, the Ghost Dance religion promised hope and resurrection at a time when Native American nations across America faced destruction. Misunderstood by authorities, the Ghost Dance sparked the savage attack on Sioux men, women, and children at Wounded Knee in 1890. Through his paintings in Ghost Dance, JD Challenger renews the bonds of strength and dignity linking Native Americans to their history and destiny.

We at Paradise Found love all things We’Moon as a creative resource for supporting and learning about women’s cultures around the world. Their calendars are legendary and make lovely gifts for friends and family and, of course, for yourself.

we'moon wal calendar | paradise found santa barbara

The We'Moon Wall Calendar features exquisite art and inspirational writings, complete with daily moon phases and signs and major planetary transits. Bonus content includes articles offering key astrological information and predictions and more for inspiration all year ‘round.

we'moon spiral datebook | paradise found santa barbara

The iconic astrological datebook We'Moon Gaia Rhythms for Women: Spiral Edition is a deservedly best-selling moon calendar, earth-spirited handbook tracking natural rhythms and a visionary collection of women’s artworks. We are happy to let you know that this calendar is also available in a Spanish language version.

Then there are the offerings from Llewellyn…simply magical ways to keep track of your days, your signs and aspects, and everything else with style and beauty. Take a look:

llewellyn's astrological pocket planner | paradise found santa barbara

Llewellyn's Astrological Pocket Planner: Daily Ephemeris & Aspectarian is a favorite resource for beginners and experienced astrologers for more than 25 years. It shows you how to pinpoint the perfect times for any activity or event. All that and more in a convenient, travel-sized planner.

llewellyn's astrological wall calendar | paradise found santa barbara

Llewellyn’s Astrological Wall Calendar is one of the best-known and most-trusted astrological calendars out there. It features phenomenal artwork, monthly horoscopes, optimal days for planting and fishing, rewarding and challenging days, and travel forecasts…all delivered with original art by Mary Ancilla Martinez.

llewellyn's hedgewitch botanical calendar | paradise found santa barbara

Llewellyn’s Hedgewitch Botanical Wall Calendar comes with exceptional art from Siolo Thompson, creator of the equally fabulous Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle, presenting the spiritual essence of your favorite plants and witchy tips on how to use them by popular author Monica Crosson. Using handmade paints to create the original artworks, Siolo imbues her personal energy into every page. This 16-month calendar feature US, UK, and Canadian holidays as well as sabbats, moon phases, and eclipses.

llewellyn's moon sign datebook | paradise found santa barbara

Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Datebook is a weekly planner packed with tips for gardening by the moon, moon lore, and information on retrogrades, void-of-course, equinoxes, and solstices. The moon’s energy and the position of the heavenly bodies can help you with decisions of all kinds, special events, career opportunities, and even more practical tasks like getting a haircut. The lie-flat binding makes it easy to write in appointments and notes.

llewellyn's magical almanac | paradise found santa barbara

Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac: Practical Magic for Everyday Living comes with useful spells, rituals, and ideas that inspire all levels of practitioners to improve their connection to magical energies and elements. This year’s edition feature dozens of captivating articles, grouped by element, nonverbal quarter calls, fire dance magic, nightmare protection, palm tree magic, sabbath guided meditation, and more.

And now…on to the rest of the selection…

wild woman rising calendar | paradise found santa barbara

Wild Woman Rising shines a bright light onto the grit and grace inside of us that insists we claim our voice, trust our instincts, and fearlessly cast off forces that insist on perfection and oppression. The Wild Woman will not allow the plundering of the divine feminine or our natural resources. She will not be tamed. She shall rise and so shall we all…every single day.

women of myth & magic calendar | paradise found santa barbara

Women of Myth & Magic shows us that from mythical archetypes to historical figures, women have inspired and created great literature, poetry, and above all, magnificent works of art. Artist Kinuko Y. Craft presents 12 opulent and richly detailed portraits of enchantresses, goddesses, brave warriors, and fairy-tale princesses, each weaving a spell of breathtaking feminine beauty.

tao calendar | paradise found santa barbara

The Tao Wall Calendar highlights contemplative and elegant nature photographs, gracefully styled Chinese calligraphy, and translations of the Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tsu’s Inner Chapters by Jane English and Gia-fu Feng.

illuminated rumi calendar | paradise found santa barbara

Michael Green’s Illuminated Rumi wall calendar is an interweaving of poetry and art – a magnificent meeting of ancient tradition and modern interpretation that beautifully captures the spiritual wealth of Rumi’s teachings.

frida kahlo calendar | paradise found santa barbara

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo sought to define her personal identity as well as that of Mexico – exploring themes of self, gender, postcolonialism, and popular culture from Mexico. Now regarded as a feminist and LGBTQ icon, as well as an important artist of the 20th century, this calendar celebrates Frida Kahlo’s life with beautiful portraits.

magical mystery cats calendar | paradise found santa barbara

Magical Mystical Cats brings to life the playful energy of magical and mischievous cats. Showcasing 12 beautiful illustrations by award-winning artist Ciro Marchetti, this calendar is certain to delight you all year long. 

tarot calendar | paradise found santa barbara

The Tarot Calendar: Insights Spreads, and Tips features evocative and powerful tarot cards from a dozen different decks and combines them with spread ideas and hands-on tips from world-renowned tarot expert Barbara Moore. Very cool, indeed!

maia toll's wild wisdom calendar | paradise found santa barbara

Maia Toll's Wild Wisdom Wall Calendar is a celebration of tarot, witchcraft, and mysticism – encouraging us to mindfully cultivate the sacred in every day. Each month prompts us to develop a personalized spiritual practice tied to the seasons. Where does your mind go between waking and sleep? Allow yourself to journey to your place of Dreaming. Learn about important crystals – how the Moonstone is a reminder that the night and the moon are equally meaningful. Beautifully intricate illustrations by Kate O’Hara illuminate the symbolic richness of the text. I love this calendar!

praise for pollinators calendar | paradise found santa barbara

The Praise for Pollinators calendar teaches us about the sacred and essential beings that make life possible on our planet. The best-known pollinators are, of course, bees and butterflies, but birds, moths, beetles, bats, prairie dogs, and even lemurs play a vital role in sustaining our planet’s life cycles. This calendar is a perfect blend of beautiful art and educational text.

thich nhat hanh calendar | paradise found santa barbara

The Thich Nhat Hahn wall calendar is illustrated with meditational art by Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin and infused with the words of Thich Nhat Hahn, renowned Zen master and peace activist. His gentle wisdom will inspire and support you all year long.

heirs generation next calendar | paradise found santa barbara

The Heirs Generation Next calendar comes to us from husband-and-wife photographers Kahran and Regis Bethencourt, the team behind Atlanta’s CreativeSoul Photography and authors of the best-selling book Glory: Magical Visions of Black Beauty. Here, they turn our attention to a radiant future – through the lens of Afrofuturism, a philosophy and cultural and artistic aesthetic that dares to envision future worlds molded by and for Black experiences.

spirit horses calendar | paradise found santa barbara

The Spirit Horses  wall calendar is filled with extraordinary portraits of horses, both wild and domestic. Each image is paired with quotations from teachers and writers that explore equine wisdom and its intersection with spirituality.

Just Because + Just for Fun

opt for optimism calendar | paradise found santa barbara

The Opt for Optimism Day-to-Day calendar features the vibrant artwork and uplifting advice of positivity author and artist Dani DiPirro. Colorful illustrations that celebrate the seasons of the year are paired encouraging messages such as. “Every flower opens when it’s meant to.” and “Where you are is not where you’ll always be.” Fans of @PositivelyPresent on social media and anyone seeking to live their best life will appreciate these unique reminders of positivity, self-love, and motivation.

gnome sweet gnome wall calendar | paradise found santa barbara

I am especially enchanted with the Gnome Sweet Gnome wall calendar from artist Susan Winget for its whimsical illustrations and charming design. Surely there’s a gnome-loving friend on your gift list.

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